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Christopher Estep posted a comment on Sunday 20th June 2010 7:18pm for Friction

Why Horace' comments to Tonks are critical, in context, to Riddle, and to Harry's Future:

1. Harry is, *already*, one of the best Unspeakable operatives there is. Never mind that he is not even sixteen (remember, Harry's birthday hasn't arrived yet) nor has he learned the full compliment of spells an Unspeakable operative is allowed (if not encouraged) to use.
2. Until now, the Death Eaters have never gone against the DoM heads-up. Instead, the DEs have drawn the Department of Magical Law Enforcement (specifically, the Aurors), and only two Aurors are alive and whole from the "open warfare" period of the Second War (the two Aurors in question being Moody and Amelia Bones). However, not even Alastor Moody knows the whole Unspeakable Playbook - heck, *Harry* is showing him up, and he doesn't know the whole Playbook, either.
3. Riddle is ahead right now because he is willing to throw out the rulebook completely; the fact that he has more power than his opponents (usually) doesn't hurt. Dumbledore (at this point) still has more raw power than Riddle; however, he is hamstrung by his rulebook. Moody has the opposite issue; he has the same lack of respect for the rules that Riddle does; however, he lacks Riddle's raw magical power. Now, we have a Harry that is perfectly willing to throw out the rules; even more telling, he has more raw power than either Riddle or (surprisingly) Dumbledore. (No; Harry is not aware of that tidbit yet. However, Horace certainly is.)
4. Because it is not common knowledge (even within the Unspeakables) that Harry *is* one, Harry can still be "just Harry" within wizarding Britain as a whole (even within the rest of the Ministry). Also, being the BWL opens lots of doors within the Ministry; knowing who he does (especially Amelia Bones) opens a few more. (To answer the apparent non-sequitur, why Amelia, not Dumbles? Simple, Amelia is there all the time; Dumbles isn't.)
5. Harry is also laying the groundwork for a Riddle-free future for wizarding Britain; given that he doesn't trust Dumbledore any more than he trusts Riddle, that means he has to get involved himself (Political!Harry). Fortunately for Harry, he recognizes a kindred spirit (politically) in Amelia Bones. Amelia is important three different ways - first off, while someone else (first Percy Weasley, then Umbridge, and now Percy again) was the Minister's deputy, day-to-day operational control of most of the Ministry falls under her bailiwick (she is, after all the Director of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, the Ministry's largest in terms of both bodies under authority and in terms of physical responsibility). Second, she is Dumbles' deputy - the Wizengamot is the legislative *and* judicial arm of wizarding Britain; therefore, she is basically Deputy Chief Justice of Britain's highest magical court. Lastly, because Dumbles *kept* the job of Hogwarts Headmaster, he can't attend every Wizengamot session (not even with a Time Turner); notice that Dumbles *didn't* preside over Bella's trial - Amelia Bones did. The very fact that Harry went before Amelia (in an official capacity) and holds no grudge (when he certainly had cause!) would speak volumes if he were going to back *her* for Minister (which Tonks certainly suspects).

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Sunday 28th January 2007 5:13am for Friction

The "Kobyoshi Maru" scenario in the first of the chapter was brill. It was a very viable no-win test that made great sense how and when it occurred in Harry's training cycle.

You've developed one of my all time favorite "get-rid-of-Fudge" campaigns. I'm scheming mine over time and hope it will be nearly as effect as yours.

The Order meeting went well. Dumbledore and Harry are fighting apart and setting themselves up to slowly come back together to a degree.

Wonderful Snape bashing.

A good time was had by all!