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mwinter posted a comment on Wednesday 1st September 2010 8:40pm for 'Home Again'

Just to let you know. This is like the 8th time I'm reading this. Do to lack of good writers posting continually. I'm not trying to say this about you because you stated there may not be a follow up so I'm not expecting one. But this story is well written and good enough to come back again and again.

flynhghr posted a comment on Thursday 26th November 2009 12:17pm for 'Home Again'

Interesting chemistry you've developed between the two. Most 'honks' stories tend to have Tonks a bit infatuated from the start (puppy love), but you have written her so that she definitely seems to be the more experienced in how she's relating to him. Trying to make more sense; you have written a much more beleivable Tonks.

Aurilia posted a comment on Monday 20th July 2009 3:20am for 'Home Again'

Hmm... I'm not normally a Honks fan, but this promises to be intriguing. I never really got into the whole horcrux-thing, either, so finding good post-OotP AUs has become my main goal in this fandom. I hope this one lives up to the promise set forth in this first chapter. (And I'm beyond happy that it's an epic length; most stories tend to end just when I really get into them!)

dougal74 posted a comment on Thursday 5th June 2008 8:20am for 'Home Again'

A well written first chapter. I like the old Honksy stories.

It's good to see Petunia coming out of the shadows of the Walrus and being a half decent person.

Mionefan posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2008 2:37am for 'Home Again'

Wow. This is one of your better ones. Tonks is surprised on so many levels. Harry gets to learn at home. That;s a new twist. One of the best Honks fictions I've read so far. Moving a bit fast though.

Ronnie McMains posted a comment on Thursday 1st May 2008 4:21pm for 'Home Again'

One thing I've always wondered...Who was "F.L.D.", the author of ‘Harry Potter: Not A Fantasy Story’? I was just wondering if it were one of his former detractors, who had changed her tune, and no longer saw him as a "leetle boy"...

Yamikeckley posted a comment on Saturday 24th November 2007 4:25pm for 'Home Again'

i have read your story on fan and i enjoyed it so much, but i was wondering if there was a sequel in the works or a continuation of this story arch.

Mrs Alfred posted a comment on Saturday 5th May 2007 4:13am for 'Home Again'

Lovely to see you here!

I'd love to read more of your work, in the HP fandom or outside of it. Just well, anything. :-) You are very talented and I'd love to see where your creative imagination takes you.

Take care, and thank you for posting. *hugs*

Quizer posted a comment on Thursday 1st February 2007 2:37pm for 'Home Again'

Hello, and welcome to! I'm always a little skeptical when someone new is admitted to post here, but you're doing a very good job so far. For example, I don't like Harry beating himself up endlessly over Sirius death and angsting about. Many people who write post-OotP stories do that, but you've got it well under control. I think the determined way you have Harry handle it is pretty much the only thing that doesn't tick me after the amount of stories I've read.

The dynamics between Tonks and Harry are also very interesting. I've read another story that started very similiar to this one, but it was not nearly at the same level of quality. This is shaping up to be one excellent read, which I will continue now.


Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Friday 26th January 2007 6:37am for 'Home Again'

It is a delight to have you and your tales become a part of FFA. It's been a long time since I read Change, and I wanted to wait for it to post here so I could review it.

It was tough to hold off. Now, I have other things on my plate and will have to read your tale over time, instead of rushing through it like I want.

This chapter is a great set up with tons of potential you surely deliver on.


Amamama posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd January 2007 9:46pm for 'Home Again'

Interesting start! Finally Petunia is beginning to see, and Dumbledore... makes me sick. I'm quite pleased you've put Tonks in here, ready to take charge and help Harry.