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Christopher Estep posted a comment on Tuesday 29th May 2007 2:48am for Protect Your Friends

Hermione figures out that Harry and Tonks are dating; however, Harry reminds Hermione that *Ron* is interested in *her*. (Busted!Hermione) Just as things were warming up, the nasty folks in white masks and drab robes crash the party...and run right into a rather brassed-off Harry (who had already Portkeyed the Grangers to Potter Manor). Both the Order (complete with Dumbledore) and the Unspeakables (complete with Marcus) show up (and Marcus takes custody of the prisoners from a relieved MLE Director Shacklebolt); meanwhile, Moody comments on the rather busted-up nature of the DEs being taken into custody. Dumbledore has a suspiscion that Harry is involved (again).

Mattias posted a comment on Tuesday 6th March 2007 7:47pm for Protect Your Friends

One other great chapter with a wonderful description of battle. What will happen to the 4 wands? It seems that they stay the whole story in Harry's pocket.

Christopher Patton posted a comment on Tuesday 6th February 2007 5:16am for Protect Your Friends

I love this story, but I think that you have a mistake in Harry's ranking in this chapter or in chapter five. During this chapter you wrote; "His stealth level remained at two, but the full seven bars of black left him feeling rather empty inside."

But during chapter 5 - Shopping, you wrote the following; "His green and yellow remained at six and zero respectively, but purple gained one to stand at three."

That would mean that as of Friday on his third day of training, he had already a rank three in stealth.


Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Sunday 28th January 2007 1:34pm for Protect Your Friends

I am even more amazed with your training of Harry to be better prepared to lead and fight from so many perspectives.

Excellent work.