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Disclaimer: J K Rowling owns the rights and likenesses of all the characters in the Harry Potter series. This story is meant to add to the world she created. Any conflicts are accidental and they yield to her reality (canon).

This is a post-OOTP story during the summer before Harry’s Sixth Year. Very few items of HBP will be used.

Harry Potter And The Summer Of Change

6. Of History And Wills

                      The sun was at least a half hour away from rising, but Nymphadora Tonks was waking up. She was still slowly fighting her way out of sleep’s grasp when she heard the sound of paper being shifted about. She opened her eyes and felt the sting of light in them. With her eyes closed, she remembered the previous night and everything that happened.

‘Oh, that is going to leave a mark isn’t it?’ Tonks moved the sheet a little, blocking the light, and looked down at her stomach near her belly button. She saw a bruise had formed over night and knew that her neck was going to be just as bad or worse. ‘It was worth every minute. He is too much fun for me. Thank Merlin he had enough self-control to stop me when I tried to…do not think about that. It will only end up happening again and that is not what you want…or do you?’

Tonks used her metamorph abilities to hide the marks. ‘I don’t want him to worry about hurting me this early in the morning. Merlin knows he would too. He has too big a heart for his own good.’ Tonks found she could lower the sheet without her eyes screaming in pain from the light. She looked and saw Harry sitting on the floor leaning against the bed. She saw his messy black hair move around as he continued with what he was doing.

"Harry, what are you doing?"

Harry didn’t answer, but Tonks felt a surge of magic flood her senses. She felt like she was drowning in it. It was worse than when Harry was in fights with Horace or Vernon. "Harry!" Tonks scrambled out of the bed and to the floor in front of Harry. She found him sitting cross-legged with a box sitting open to his right and a pile of papers and folders to his left.

One folder was open, in his hands, and he looked like he was reading the contents. "Harry, you are scaring me. Why are you so mad?"

Tonks moved back as Harry’s eyes rose to look at her. A look of pure malevolence was shining in his eyes. Tonks had never seen Harry look that dangerous before. She never thought it was possible for a fifteen-year-old to look that scary. She hesitantly asked the question again. "What is wrong, Harry?"

"There is so much they never told me." The hate was rolling off him in waves mixed with the raw magic he possessed. "I have been lied to. I have been kept in the dark. I have been ignored. I have been prevented from knowing who I really am. I want to hurt people right now and that scares me."

Tonks watched the fierceness on Harry’s face swirl with fear and eagerness. She needed to know more if she had any hope of stopping something from being destroyed. Tonks only hoped that she and Harry weren’t the ones who got hurt.

"Harry, please explain it too me. I do not know what is in those files. I read mine, but we weren’t allowed to read others unless it is part of a mission. Tell me, please. Maybe I can help."

Harry fought the all-consuming urge to level the Dursley’s home. He fought with his own magic which was screaming to be used. He took a few controlling breaths before answering the very frightened woman in front of him.

"My grandparents died of a wizarding disease and old age. Did you know that? My other grandparents died from a car accident. What harm would it have caused to tell me that? Why do I have to find this shit out for myself? Why can’t people just tell me these things?"

"Is that why you are so mad?" Tonks asked cautiously.

"Not even close. I learned that my father didn’t have a job because he managed my family’s investments. Apparently, the Potter’s have a stake in many businesses in both the wizard and muggle worlds. My mum was employed but it doesn’t say where. She did something, but I haven’t found out what yet.

"I also found out that Dumbledore has been filling out my release forms for Hogwarts. He can do that since he is my wizard guardian. I read that a few days after Sirius was sent to Azkaban, Dumbledore had the guardianship changed to him and the document sealed.

"Apparently it pays to be the Supreme Mugwump, Chief Warlock, and other such things. He got that file sealed so no one would find out without actually nicking the document itself. I also read the transcript of the trial. Dumbledore didn’t do much to help Sirius. He basically let him be sentenced without trying very hard to find out the truth. Granted, Sirius didn’t say much in his own defense, but still Dumbledore should have wanted to know what really happened.

"I know that it was Dumbledore, himself, who had that magic sensor thing set to watch this neighborhood. Fudge only trained it on me once I started mucking up his life. That old man had Mrs. Figg put here to watch me. I don’t know what she told him, but he didn’t do much watching or listening did he?"

"When I told him about your uncle attacking you," Tonks said hesitantly afraid the truth might do more damage than good, but she knew Harry’s opinion on that subject. "He asked if you were unhurt. He didn’t seem to care about what that fight would do to you. I nearly got into it with him when he wanted things left as is. He told me not to tell the Order about it."

"That sounds just like him from what I have learned. He has mucked about my life since everyone died. I should have been given to Remus to have been taken care of. He was the next one, after all, on the list my parents created when they went into hiding. Dumbledore wasn’t even on the list, yet here he is pulling the strings. Remus didn’t even know about their choice. Dumbledore prevented the notification from being sent out that night. Here is the real kicker. The list my parents created expressly says that I should never be given to Petunia for care. Never be given to her. My mum forbade it and what does Dumbledore do? He gives me to her against my mum’s wishes.

"I should have lived in my family’s home, Potter Estate, not in this hellhole. We have house elves there, or at least we did before we went into hiding. The Ministry files mention the house’s existence, but they don’t know where it is.  

"My life has been fucked with ever since I was one year-old and Dumbledore is a big part of that. What gives him the right? Because he is the all-powerful Albus Dumbledore? Fuck him! How dare he do the things he has done. I could have grown up in a normal home away from these people. Yeah, there would have been a werewolf and house elves, but it would have been better than this God forsaken place. A normal childhood is all I wanted. That is all I ever wanted. I dreamed of someone taking me away from here every night for as long as I could remember.

"The night Hagrid showed up is one the happiest of my life. He took me away from here, from these people, and I owe him for that. But Dumbledore put me here. I owe him for that as well." Harry started getting darker in his mood and the feeling in the air reflected that as well.

"Harry, please listen to what I have to say." Harry looked at her. "The magic you have been learning is dangerous to practice and use. You have done a great job with it, but there is more than just using it. You have to know when to use it and when not to. Dark magic is insidious. It can change a person for the worst. I know you can handle it because I have watched you. You hate using the spells, but it gives you a sense of strength and power. You have never been in control of your life until now.

"Do not think the magic gives you that power. It is you, who have assumed control over your life. You are getting the power because you are not letting others take it from you. Do not think that magic can produce power. That is the wrong way to think. It is the wrong way to go."

"I don’t think that, Tonks. I know what is going on."

"I know you do, Harry. I only want you to watch out. I can see you fighting the urge to hurt something and if you did you would only feel worse. You are a good person who has been in a bad situation. You are strong enough to find a way out of this doing the right things. I am here to help if you need it. Horace should have had this discussion with you about the spells you have been using, but I think he has gotten carried away with how fast you pick things up."

"Fast? Ha, he says I am too slow every time. I am never good enough."

"And would you try as hard if he did? Would you try to prove yourself with such determination if he praised you? He knows how to motivate you, Harry. He has used that to get the most out of you. It took me a week to get those shields mastered when he taught me, and I have to use my wand to do them too. You get them all in a day and wandlessly. Don’t tell me you don’t know how good you are at this stuff."

"I just do my best, Tonks. That is all I have ever done."

"And your best is better than anyone else’s. It is that simple. You are amazing and I am so proud of you. Be proud to be yourself. Anyone else would. You are Harry Potter and you are strong enough to make good things happen in this world. If you have to sneak around the Ministry and borrow files or fool a group of old guys, you can still make things happen that are good. I do not want you to fall into what is easy like the Death Eaters."

"I am not like them!"

"I know you aren’t, Harry. I just wanted to remind you that doing what we do, it is a constant struggle to stay good. We have connections and support from people who get us out of just about anything. Our job is riddled with temptation that lesser men would fall prey to. Do not become overwhelmed by the magic you control. You wield more than anyone I know so please be careful. Besides, you are too cute to go bad." Tonks smiled and altered her ears to make them pointed again.

Harry’s mood subsided, but he could still feel his magic swirling. "I will not disappoint you, Nymph."

"I never said you would, Harry. Now, I should take a shower considering what you did to me last night. We can practice your Occlumency when I get back. The last thing we need is Albus finding a secret in your head today. He would only start digging trying to figure out what it is."

"You got that right," Harry said very seriously. "I will keep reading until you get back." Tonks grabbed some clothes and put on her cloak. Being found in her knickers by the Dursley’s would be an unpleasant experience for everyone. Harry watched Tonks leave the room but she flashed a leg before closing the door after her.

‘She is crazy, but she is fun, and my life hasn’t had much fun in it. I intend to keep having fun and enjoying my life. To hell with the Dark Tosser and his morons. To hell with the Ministry and anyone else who gets in the way. I am going to live through this and I am going to enjoy doing it too. Now what else haven’t I been told.’

Harry pulled the discarded folder into his lap and continued where he left off. Every page told him something new about his life and his family. Every new fact gave Harry something else to think about. Every untold story filled in more of his past.

Harry read his father’s school records. The disciplinary folder alone gave Harry many things to laugh about and quite a few ideas for the twins. Harry started a list and added things that seemed viable considering their talents. His father definitely had a problem with Snape. Most of the times he got caught were when Snape was the victim. As Harry thought about it, he started wondering how many of those times Snape set his father up to be caught. Many of them seemed similar to how Draco had tried to get Harry caught during his first year.

His mother’s school folder nearly brought as many laughs but not for the same reasons. Harry could only think that Hermione’s would read the same except for all the times his name would be listed next to hers. The scores and efforts his mother put forth were sickening. ‘How could Mum be this smart and still end up with Dad? Their records are polar opposites of each other.’

His mother had one detention in all her years, but a note on the sheet said that Lily was covering for another student but wouldn’t reveal who. The detention was during seventh year and served with James Potter with McGonagall as the monitor.

Harry compared his parents’ records for their seventh year and found that after the detention his father spent with his mother, he had far less nights of punishment. He couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. ‘Could Mum have changed him in three hours?’

It was a laughing Harry that Tonks found when she returned to his room. "What is so funny, Harry?"

He explained the correlation and started laughing again. "Women can change a man in far less time than three hours, Harry. You remember that and you will go far in life as long as you accept the fact that you are the one to do the changing." Tonks cracked a smile and watched Harry figure out what she had said. Her own laughs stopped when Harry wrestled her onto the bed and held her down.

"Getting aggressive, I see."

"You wanted me more playful so here you are, Nymphadora."

"Yes, quite nice, Harry, but we have other things to do besides trying to suffocate each other. Oh, and next time don’t suck so hard for so long. It took me ten minutes to hide all of the hickeys on my body. The ones on my neck were particularly hard to conceal. The ones on my back I couldn’t see so I did my best. You better hope I don’t have to get naked today in front of someone or there will be difficult questions to answer, mister."

Harry hesitated before letting his ‘evil’ grin spread across his face. He heard Tonks sigh as he lowered himself to give her a kiss. "Like I said last night, it is my life and everyone who has a problem with that can fuck off."

"I know and I am with you on that, but I don’t even want to think about how the questions would be asked. Oh, the shame." Tonks was teasing with her words as she used her leg to rub Harry’s bum.

"Now you stop that you frisky minx. Weren’t we going to do something now?"

"Oh yeah, I need to test your Occlumency skills. I am not expecting perfection here, just a passable defense against Albus. At the very least, you should know when he is trying to get into your head. If he does, get my attention and we can stop him."

"Us stop him? What did have in mind, Nymph?"

"I don’t know. I could ask him a question or step between you two. There are easy ways to stop it from happening. I doubt he will outright attack you with it. We will be among others and he doesn’t need a scene like that where others can watch. Think of the press. "Albus Dumbledore attacks Harry Potter’s mind." That would go over as well as Fudge winning the Most Charming Smile Award this summer. In fact, you have won that one haven’t you?"

"I don’t think so, but I never paid much attention to it. Ask Hermione or Mrs. Weasley that question. One knows everything; the other reads up on that kind of stuff."

"You really rely on Hermione for things don’t you?"

"Yep. Either you rely on her or she makes you rely on her. It is easier not to fight it. You don’t know her very well do you?"

"Not really. I just know what I have heard and the few days I was at headquarters when she was there. Ginny and I meshed better. She is more fun than Hermione. Less books around too."

"Anyway, let’s get this over with. As much fun as it is having someone roam around your head, I would rather not."

"Well, I like roaming around your head, Harry. There is a lot in there I find humorous and entertaining."

"Glad I could help, Nymph."

"Much thanks, Harry. Now, ready?"

Harry nodded and he felt a presence in his mind. Harry signaled he felt her presence so she started pushing into his mind. Images started appearing in his mind for no reason. Harry tried to confine the source of the disruption, but with every attempt the intruder moved somewhere else.

"Try to box me in, Harry. I am not going to make this easy for you, but I am not going to run pell-mell in there either. Trap me with your mind. Use some of your magic if you have to but don’t fry me in the process. I am too cute to be killed by you."

"That you are, Nymphadora." Harry tried to box Tonks in but every time he got close she would escape his efforts. As his frustration levels rose, Harry started using more of his magic to confine her. He had her cornered once, but she broke through the thin walls he had created in an amateur attempt to confine her.

Getting even more frustrated with himself, Harry forced more magic into his attempts and trapped her presence tightly in his own mind. He opened his eyes and saw Tonks lying on the bed fighting against an invisible enemy. Harry dropped all concentration and moved to hold Tonks. Once his mind changed its purpose, Tonks was released by the magic and freed. A few deep breaths were taken before Harry scooped her up into his arms and held her to him.

"I am alright, Harry. I kept getting away when you were playing nice. I deserved what I got. You can trap anyone in your mind by doing what you did. Remember that if you need it in the future. Also if you put that much effort into it, you could the choke attacker easily enough. I, for one, prefer our other way of trying to suffocate each other." Tonks smiled widely and licked her lips.

Harry lowered his body a little as he held Tonks in his arms. "You think I could hold off Dumbledore?"

"If you needed to, most definitely. I don’t know if you could prevent the initial attack or break into his mind, but you should be able to hold him in place for a long time. There is no way he would expect you to be this good at Occlumency after Snape’s pathetic efforts. Now, how about some metamorph training. I would like to know how much you can do."

"Alright, what is first?"

"Start with what you know you can do, hair length."


Tonks spent the remaining time watching Harry struggle to change his appearance. He could lengthen his hair at will after thirty minutes, but he couldn’t change the color one bit. His eyes proved even more difficult. Harry couldn’t change the shape or color at all. After Tonks told a very frustrated Harry how to change the texture of his skin, Harry proved that he lacked that ability as well.

Tonks went through every area of the metamorphmagus’ training regimen she had created through her own life. Harry could change the length of his hair anywhere on his body with some serious thought. He could alter his center of gravity a little bit which aided him in his Quidditch skills and made Tonks very jealous since she couldn’t. His reflexes were heightened by what little metamorph gift he had. Harry could do something else, but he flatly refused to tell Tonks what is was. Harry would only tease her saying that she might find out later in the summer.

A huffing Tonks brought the session to a close. "Well, you may not be me, but at least you have a few things you can do. The more you use them; the easier it is to make it happen quickly. I had hoped you would be more advanced, but I was just looking for someone to discuss the gift with. Don’t worry, Harry, I still like you even though you aren’t very talented at this one area of obscure magic."

"Thanks, Nymph, I think."

"That is a compliment, Harry. Now, it is nearly nine fifteen so you should shower so we can eat something quick before we leave for Gringotts. Wear something new and sexy."

"Ah, could you just pick out what you want me to wear. I would have just worn jeans and a t-shirt again."

"Oh, that is no good. You have to look dapper today. You are going to get some money and meet a few people you would probably rather not meet. So, you have to make a good impression and appear formidable. Dumbledore may spring some new summer plan on you that neither of us knows about yet."

"If he does, it will not go down easily. I will resist any plans he has for me. Anyway, what am I wearing?"

Tonks opened his trunk and sorted through the new clothes. "Here, wear these," she said tossing clothes at him. I will hang up your other clothes and put away the files while you are busy. Now get moving." Tonks shooed him from the room and into the hallway.

Harry turned and headed to the bathroom only to find Dudley leaving his room and Petunia dusting the picture frames. Both stopped what they were doing and stared at Harry with their jaws hanging open.

"What now?" Harry asked clearly lacking patience.

"What have you done to yourself?" Petunia asked a little angry and puzzled at the same time.

"What are you on about?"

"You taking steroids or what, Potter?" Dudley chimed in.

"Steroids? What the bloody hell are you on about, Dud?"

"Look at you," Dudley said waving a hand at Harry. "You aren’t all titchy anymore. It has only been a week. You have to be hitting them hard for this kind of change." Jealousy and anger to could be heard in Dudley’s voice.

Harry looked at himself and found that he was holding his clothes near his waist covering certain areas. He also noticed that his arms, legs, and pretty much his entire body wasn’t so scrawny anymore. Over the last few days he didn’t have the time to realize what had been happening to himself. A long forgotten conversation came to his mind. ‘The potion they gave me. Didn’t they say something about me not being so small after that?’

"Oh, this," Harry said moving his hand up and down in front of himself. "I was given a potion to help me fill out a bit. I guess it is working. I have been so busy lately that I never noticed. Well, if we are finished, I need to take a shower. Excuse me." Harry pushed past Dudley and dismissed his aunt with a look. Once the door was closed, Harry turned the water on and pretended his ‘relatives’ didn’t exist.

When Harry finished, he put on the clothes Tonks had given him. The shirt seemed a little bit tight around the shoulders, but he wasn’t going to say anything about it. The pants fitted fine and he tried in vain to comb his hair. ‘I can change the length, but I can’t make it lay down. What good am I?’

Harry left the loo and returned to his room to find Tonks sitting on his bed waiting for him. He noticed his trunk had been cleared of all clothes and his cloak was hung over the back of his desk chair. On the desk was the bottle of wine from the night before.

"As sexy as it was yesterday, Harry. Very nice," Tonks commented as if she was waiting to give him a score at some pageant. "We can finish the wine tonight when we have dinner, but it is breakfast time and the muggles need to see that you are alive and well."

"No worries on that. I met two of them on my way to the loo."

"Really?" Tonks seemed thoughtful. "Did they say anything interesting?"

"Actually, they thought I had been taking drugs to make me bigger. What was in that potion they gave me on Wednesday?"

"It is a special mix of stuff. We use it to help ourselves become stronger. It is much faster and safer than the ways the muggles try. It should almost be done so you won’t get much bigger. It won’t make you huge like some professional body builder, but it gets you going in the right direction. I don’t think your body could handle much more than you have right now. It only gives you a comfortable increase in your strength. Do you like it?"

"I never noticed it until Dudley made a comment. Do you like it?"

"Did he really? Makes you think, don’t it?" Tonks faded off. "What? Oh yes, I love it, Harry. You look very hot in your new clothes and improved physique. A heart stopper if there ever was one." Tonks watched as Harry got embarrassed and looked at the floor. "Modest as ever, too. That is what I like about you, Harry. Ever the clueless hottie."

"Ha! Is that what my Goblin name would be? Harry Ever-The-Clueless-Hottie Potter."

"I like it so I don’t care how insulting you get about it. It fits all the same. Now, grab your new sexy cloak, your keys, and anything else you think you will need. Be prepared in case something happens. You take care of yourself above all others, Harry. I can take care of myself so you worry about you. Understand?"

"Are you expecting there to be trouble, Nymph?"

"I am not sure, but think about who the Blacks are related to. There is a good chance a Malfoy will be there for the reading. I don’t think they will get anything, but as a direct family member they can’t be excluded from the reading. I am sure they will lodge a complaint if they get nothing. Narcissa would not stand for being completely left out of the will. She has always had entitlement issues thinking she should get everything.

"Be prepared, Harry, that is all I want. There will be people in the same room who are enemies. That makes for a bad situation altogether. Be ready, be prepared, and for Merlin’s sake stay sexy."

"Tonks! Can’t you stay serious for one minute?"

"I could but this is far more entertaining. Come on, let’s get some food, scare some Dursleys, and frustrate my aunt a whole bunch."

"I am glad you are looking at the bright side of this trip, Nymph. I know I won’t be."

Tonks stood in front of Harry and gave him a passionate kiss while holding her soft body against his. Harry could feel her ample chest moving against his. Her silky top hid little and allowed her body heat to meld with Harry’s. She broke the kiss only after running her hand down his chest and stopping right above his waist line. "Stay positive and I might be able to make it worth your effort, Harry." Tonks grabbed her cloak from the bed and moved to the doorway.

Harry grabbed his cloak and followed Tonks down the stairs and into the kitchen. As he walked trailing behind Tonks, he watched her bum and used that as motivation to ignore the Dursleys. Tonks seemed to be swishing her rear a little more than necessary as she walked and Harry could only figure that was on purpose.

The chatter from the kitchen ceased the moment the door opened, and Tonks entered the room without hesitation. She walked over to the cooker and found it clear of any food. "Ruddy muggles can’t even leave a bit of toast for us? Ah, Harry, do you know how to cook? It is best if I remain a good distance from all kitchen ware and appliances."

"Yes, Tonks, I can cook. What do you want?"

"They don’t count, Harry. Who are they going to tell anyway? Bacon sounds good and maybe some eggs while you’re at it."

"Would you like some kippers as well?" Harry asked offhandedly.

"Yes, please."

"Too bad I haven’t got any. You will just have to do without, Nymph." Harry smiled at Tonks.

"Rotten luck anyhow."

The Dursleys watched the by-play and were silent as Harry and Tonks bantered back and forth. Dudley slowly pushed his plate away and he hadn’t even finished his food.

"What is wrong, Dud? Not hungry for once?" Harry asked.

"You two are making me sick," Dudley replied. "As if before wasn’t bad enough."

"What before?" Vernon asked barely holding his anger in check.

Dudley looked at Tonks and then at Harry. He saw Harry tensing and flexing his wand hand. "No…nothing, Dad. Nothing, never mind."

"Dudley, don’t you worry about them. They wouldn’t dare do anything to you. Would you, Boy?" Vernon cast a scornful look at Harry.

"I would and you have nothing to say about it to begin with, Vernon. I haven’t even been here a week and you are starting to return to your normal self. Do not forget what happened last time, Uncle. I am more willing to stop you now than I was then. Do not test me." Harry stared Vernon down and waited for the large man to relent.

Harry decided he should test out his Legilimency abilities while he had a ‘volunteer’ willing to participate. Harry made eye contact and tried to open Vernon’s mind a little bit just to listen. What Harry heard was very garbled and unintelligible. After a few minutes, Harry managed to figure out a little bit of what Vernon was thinking. Mostly, Vernon was trying to decide if Harry was bluffing or if he was serious. Harry chose to give Vernon proof.

Harry slowly drew his wand and held it at his side. Then he willed an Imprimis Shield into existence and waited for Vernon to react. His uncle jumped back from the table sending his chair flying across the kitchen. Harry watched Vernon back away as he sputtered incoherently.

"I am serious and I will not allow you to bully me, Vernon. Try it and I will fight back and I assure you that I will fight to win."

"So, you are threatening me, Boy? Maybe I should call the police and let them remove you from my home."

"You could do that, Dursley," Tonks said drawing her wand with purpose. "Only once the police left I would come back and destroy this house. The thing is that is nothing compared to what the Death Eaters and Vol…You-Know-Who would do to you."

"You almost said it, Nymph. Keep trying, you will get there."

"Thanks, Harry. You see, Harry is the only person keeping you lot alive. If he leaves this dreadful place too soon, the protections on this house will fall and the Death Eaters will kill you. It is what they do and they would love to get a hold of anyone who has sheltered Harry."

Tonks saw the gleam in Vernon’s eyes. "And before you get any ideas, Tubby, they won’t listen to you. You are a muggle and that makes you worse than a muggle-born wizard. You are as low on their list as you can get. Besides, Harry can protect himself if you didn’t know. Now, Harry, make with the food. Chop chop."

"Thanks, Nymph, I think." Harry opened the fridge and started up the cooker. He kept one eye on Tonks and his relatives and the other on the food. He made up a decent sized breakfast and they ate while the Dursleys watched. Vernon never opened his mouth but the vain in his head was throbbing. Petunia looked down on every action, but her heart didn’t seem to be in it. Dudley made a big production of looking away, but his eyes kept swinging back to watch Harry and Tonks.

When the eggs, bacon, and toast had been eaten, Tonks stood up and waved her wand cleaning the dishes. Every Dursley jumped and two squeaks and a grunt sounded in the kitchen.

"Well, that puts us near our time, Harry. We had best get going so we can arrive a little early. I will let you do the honours of creating the portkey. You had better make it near the apparition point and a return trip one just in case things get unpleasant."

"Alright, I can do that." Harry pulled out the metal ring and started concentrating. Vernon paled even more when he saw Harry tap the ring and it glowed blue.

"You keep getting faster at that, Harry. Do we have everything?"

"I think so. Let’s get this over with." Harry sighed deeply and stepped towards Tonks. She put an arm around Harry’s waist and held him tightly.

Tonks used her other hand to tilt his head to look at her so she could kiss him. When their lips broke, Harry held up the ring and Tonks grabbed it. A tap of Harry’s wand triggered the portkey and they disappeared from the sterile kitchen reappearing in a very non-sterile Diagon Alley.


The bright sun did little to raise Harry’s mood. He was sad and angry at the situation he found himself in. Thoughts kept swirling in his mind as Tonks pulled him along the alley towards their destination.

‘I am always the one to survive. Why am I always left in the end? Why do others die when it should be me? Will Hermione be next? The Weasleys? Nymphadora? No, I can control who gets into that much danger. I can keep them away or in safer places. I can watch out for them. I can’t lose anyone else. I couldn’t live through that or at least I wouldn’t want to.’

"Knut for your thoughts, Harry?"

"Just wallowing, Nymph. Don’t mind me."

"Ha, like I will leave it at that. You get more cheerful or you will hear about it from me, mister," Tonks scolded.

"Yes, Nymph," Harry said in a resigned way.

"He would want you to be happy right now. Think about last night or all the trouble you are going to cause with his money. At the very least, remember Vernon’s face when you threw up that shield." Tonks smiled widely and laughed.

"I will try. I hope things go well today, but knowing my luck they will fall apart within an hour." They walked up the steps to the bank and entered the lobby area. Harry saw a group of people standing near the gilded doors at the back of the bank. "Better make that five minutes, Nymph."

Tonks looked at the group and saw Dumbledore, Remus, Arthur and Molly Weasley, Narcissa Malfoy, and Cornelius Fudge. An array of aurors were scattered about the lobby taking up much of the open area. Harry turned to Tonks and gave her a wounded look.

"You are in charge, Harry. You are the primary beneficiary so you control the reading. Unless they are expressly mentioned in the will, you can object to their presence."

"Good, I plan to then." Harry squared his shoulders and strode towards the group. The new cloak Tonks had him buy was flapping behind him as he walked. The elegant material shimmered in the dim light of the bank; his body and his stride gave him a very imposing look. He focused on Remus and the Weasleys ignoring the others.

A few people in the lobby turned and followed Harry’s movement with their eyes causing others to take notice. After a few seconds, most of the bank’s patrons couldn’t help but watch the young man advance on the idle group. The aurors watched Harry approach but many seemed to move back as Harry passed them.

"Remus, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley," Harry said as he neared the group causing them to turn around quickly.

"Harry, dear!" Molly exclaimed and rushed to sweep Harry into a vigorous hug. "I have been so worried about you, dear. Oh, how are you doing? The muggles treating you better?" Molly held him tightly before stepping back and holding him at arms length. "Harry, you have changed. Have you grown?"

"Molly, let Harry be. He just got here and this can’t be easy on him," Arthur interjected preventing a larger scene from being made. "Having a good summer, Harry?"

"Better than any of the others all things considered," Harry answered.

"We need to discuss a few things when you have time, Harry," Remus said.

"Yes, well, we can arrange a time after all of this, Remus." Harry wasn’t going to be weak in front of anyone. He had to put the strongest face forward and prove his resolve.

"Hello, Harry." Albus stepped forward and extended his hand in a gracious manner wearing a slight smile.

Harry looked at his hand and then up into the old man’s face. Harry could tell Albus was trying to make amends but considering what he had learned earlier in the morning, Harry wasn’t interested. He ignored the greeting, much to the surprise of everyone present, and looked to the Minister.

"Why are you here, Fudge?" Harry asked bluntly. One of Fudge’s assistants nearly lost his head from shock at the way Harry addressed the sitting Minister, but many of the aurors had to work hard at hiding their mirth.

"Harry, my boy," Fudge began in a very friendly way. He stepped forward extending his hand and placing his other hand on Harry’s shoulder. "How wonderful to see you again. Perhaps we could lunch together and speak of important matters. You could be of great assistance to the Ministry and the Wizarding world by helping me out with a few things."

Harry smirked as his mood darkened. Everyone but Fudge noticed the mood shift. "If I get to be the one to throw you out of the Ministry, I am all for it. Otherwise, sod off you incompetent git." Harry turned away from Fudge, brushed his hand off his shoulder, and ignored the shocked look on the Minister’s face. Albus watched the exchange and dropped his shoulders in disappointment.

The aurors couldn’t help but laugh at this point. Many had to turn around to hide their insubordination. Molly wore a dismayed look while Arthur chuckled with Remus. The only one who didn’t react was Mrs. Malfoy. All further discourse was interrupted by the doors opening and Griphook exiting through them.

"Mr. Potter and a guest may proceed to the hearing room in advance of the others to settle previous business," said the goblin.

Albus stepped forward as did Remus. "Tonks let’s go," Harry said as he moved toward the door with Tonks following him closely.

"Harry, maybe I should accompany you…" Albus stopped speaking when Harry and Tonks kept walking away without slowing. Once the doors closed, Molly stepped forward wearing a confused look.

"Albus, what did you do to the poor boy?" Molly questioned in her normal domineering motherly-tone. "He has always been so respectful."

"I made a mistake and it appears that Harry hasn’t forgiven me for it." Albus sighed and adjusted his eyeglasses. "Well, it appears we wait to be summoned."

Harry and Tonks walked down the twisting hallways before being showed into a large room with an ornate table and numerous old chairs. Everything looked stately and formal in the light of the candle chandelier hanging above the table. Harry and Tonks took seats next to each other facing the doorway.

Griphook accompanied another Goblin into the room. The goblin looked as old as Dumbledore, but he had no beard and no hair on his head. The goblin had numerous wrinkles and he walked with a gnarled, wooden staff with gold accents. The goblin slowly made his way to the high backed chair at the head of the table. Harry and Tonks looked at him and waited for him to do or say something.

The seconds ticked by as Griphook took up a position behind the elder goblin. The goblin sorted through a pile of papers slowly arranging them into smaller piles. Harry decided to prep his mind for the inevitable intrusion from Albus. Tonks was getting impatient and figured on having a little bit of fun while she could. She placed her hand on Harry’s lap and started moving it up his leg.

A clearing of a throat stopped all activity in the room. "Mr. Harry Potter," the elder goblin prefaced. "I am Ragnok, director of Gringotts. I will be handling this hearing personally due to the implications presented by such a family merger."

"Family merger, sir?" Harry asked puzzled.

"Yes, Mr. Potter, the Black estate will mostly be rolled into the Potter estate. This is a serious matter that has every board member’s attention. I am here to protect the interests of the deceased, the heirs, and the bank of course. If you have any questions now, during, or after the reading you are free to ask them. Moving forward, I will be available to you when needed, Mr. Potter."

Tonks’ jaw dropped at the announcement and she looked at Harry finding a confused look. She nudged Harry earning a reaction from him. "Thank you, sir. I don’t know much about all of this. I only recently learned a little about my family’s financial position."

"Really?" Ragnok seemed honestly surprised. "Have you never received your statements? We send them out every month for account holders of your status."

"Is that so," Harry asked. "Does Albus Dumbledore know about the statements and their schedule?"

"Why, yes, he does. He is your guardian after all."

"I learned about that recently, too." Harry felt his anger increasing. "Is there something I can do about that? Some way I can change that or remove it altogether?"

"There are some things we can do but only if the position was abused by the guardian. Has Albus ever injured you?"

"No, not directly."

"Has he ever withdrawn money from your account without your knowledge?" Ragnok was getting more animated as time went on.

"I only found out about my vault when I turned eleven. So, anything before that would have been without my knowledge."

"If you are referring to your trust vault, then there is no recorded activity prior to your eleventh birthday’s withdrawal. Now, your family account has had minor activity, but most of that is only prearranged maintenance activity. Some of your family investments have yearly obligations to meet and your father setup arrangements to comply with them. There have been no other improper deductions or activity."

"Are there any other ways?" Harry wanted to know the answer to this since he should be able to handle at least some of his family’s business on his own.

"You have never received your monthly statements so that is a small breech of the guardianship agreement with Gringotts. Has the person in question ever broken a written contract in his dealings with you?"

"Yes, he has," Harry saw his only opportunity. "Before my parents were killed, they stated that I was never to be given to my aunt for care. I was supposed to go to Remus should Sirius not be available. Albus prevented that from happening. He sent me to live with my aunt."

"If you have a copy of that contract so I can verify the breech, it would be a direct violation in opposition with the documented wishes of his charge’s parents. Essentially, the guardian would have usurped the orders of the parents and that is never permitted. The parents are the supreme authority in family matters concerning their own children even in death. Do you have the contract with you?"

"I have a copy from the Ministry," Harry pulled out his trunk and enlarged it. He sifted through the files until he found the right one containing the document his parents had drawn up. "Here, this is the list they created."

Ragnok looked it over and made a few murmurs. "This was witnessed by my predecessor and drawn up by one of our legal team members. I see the provision excluding your aunt from any kind of care and Remus Lupin being the preferred guardian. I know that Albus has been acting in that position for many years now. This is most interesting."

"I wish to be free from Dumbledore’s manipulations," Harry said. "Today, if possible, before the reading."

"Griphook, please bring me the appropriate forms to carry out Mr. Potter’s wishes. I am satisfied that Albus has overstepped his purview as guardian. We will file the paperwork to remove Albus as your guardian. This will be effective immediately in reference to Gringotts business, but the Ministry may take a few days to process it. Do you have another in mind to assume his position?"

"Couldn’t I just take care of myself from now on?" Harry questioned. "I have pretty much been on my own anyway so it isn’t much of a change."

"You need to be sixteen to hold your own council in the Wizarding world. That is merely a few weeks away, correct?" Harry nodded. "Then, Mr. Potter, if I may suggest a temporary guardian who will allow you to handle your own decisions."

"I will do it if you want me to." Tonks managed to regain her composure from earlier.

"That is great, Tonks. Thank you," Harry said quickly. "Mr. Ragnok, are there any restrictions on the guardian’s behavior?"

"I am not sure I understand your meaning, Mr. Potter."

Griphook looked at Harry giving him an odd look. Harry nodded and Griphook leaned forward and whispered to Ragnok.

"Ah, I see then. No, Mr. Potter, there are no provisions against that sort of behavior. You are free to continue your relationship without worry."

Harry lowered his head and blushed. Tonks smiled and elbowed him playfully. Griphook left the room quickly to gather the papers. Ragnok returned to browsing the other files he had on the table.

"Are you sure you want to do this, Tonks?"

"Yes, Harry, I am more than willing to be your guardian for the next few weeks. It will be fun. I will get to do what Sirius never had a chance to do, corrupt Harry Potter as his father and godfather should have. I have a mission to accomplish, dear sir."

"Great," Harry said hesitantly. "I am not sure if that is a good thing or not." The pair continued to banter back and forth in a friendly way until Griphook returned with some forms. Harry watched Ragnok take the forms and fill them out one by one. When he was finished he handed them to Griphook and the goblin presented them to Harry and Tonks.

"You will each need to sign the forms and provide a wand imprint," Ragnok said eying the forms carefully. "I need to watch you sign them so I can list myself as a witness. Please proceed at your leisure."

Harry read over the forms as did Tonks and they signed them one at a time in the appropriate places. Once that was done, Harry gathered them up and gave them back to Griphook.

"Excellent, Mr. Potter," Ragnok said. "Now, I will sign these and submit them to the proper department. I will keep them sealed as much as I can." The goblin signed the forms and handed them to Griphook to hold on to. "Are there any other things you wish to handle prior to the reading?"

"Do you know where Potter Estate is?" Harry asked.

"No, Mr. Potter, I do not. The location of old Wizarding families’ homes are usually kept secret using spells. Perhaps your family chamber has information regarding its location."

"Chamber?" Tonks said quietly. Harry had visions of a damp chamber with a dirty great snake living in it.

"Yes, Ms. Tonks, Mr. Potter’s family has a chamber here. Many of the old families had chambers from when the bank was first opened. I believe the Potter Family Chamber is number 7. Griphook, could you confirm that vault number?"

"Yes, Director, I will do so immediately." Griphook left the room quickly.

"Harry, you have a chamber here?" Tonks asked.

"News to me, Nymph," Harry replied. "I have no idea what that means anyway so why don’t you tell me."

"The family chambers are supposed to have the highest level of security the bank can offer," Tonks began. "Only the oldest families have them since they are supposed to be very limited in number. You need to maintain and certain level of money to even qualify for one, too. No wonder the director of the bank is willing to handle your account personally."

"Your guardian is quite well informed, Mr. Potter," Ragnok spoke up.

"Harry, please, Mr. Ragnok," Harry said evenly.

"I suggest the same to you, Harry." Ragnok smiled causing a small shiver to run down Tonks’ arm. Harry gripped her hand tighter when he felt the movement.

"So, ah, how much money do I have, Ragnok?"

"I do not have a current balance at this time. The last known inventory was made when your father assumed control over the family chamber. I can give you the balance in your trust vault, but that amount is small compared to your real worth."

"Never mind then," Harry relented. "Needless to say I have a lot then?"

"Yes, Harry, you are well represented financially." Ragnok smiled again at his understatement.

Griphook returned with a slip of parchment in his hand. He handed it to Ragnok who read the note. With a nod from the elder goblin, Griphook returned to his position behind Ragnok.

"I have a list of your current vaults in this bank, Harry. Your family chamber is number 7. Your trust account is vault number 687. A new vault was opened for you by the Weasley business men, number 1969. You will most likely end up with additional vaults after the reading since there are two others listed in the will. I can have Griphook take you to your family chamber after the reading if you wish."

"I would like to see it, but I am not sure if today would be the best day for that. Anyway, I think I am ready to get this over with. May we begin, Ragnok?"

"Yes, Harry. Griphook please escort the others in for the reading."

Harry waited and calmed his mind as much as he could. He prepared for what was going to be a very unpleasant experience. The minutes ticked by before the door opened and voices could be heard coming from the hallway. After Griphook entered the room, Albus was next followed by the others Harry knew. He thought Narcissa was last until Fudge entered the room without his aids. Harry stood instantly and set his body.

"I object to Fudge being here for the reading." Harry noticed the others’ surprised looks.

"Come now, boy," Fudge attempted to sway the current mood more to his liking. "Surely you won’t refuse the Minister of Magic from listening to a monumental will reading. This is an important event in history."

"I won’t have it. Ragnok, I formally challenge his presence here."

Albus showed surprise when Harry addressed Ragnok by name, but not nearly as much as when Ragnok answered Harry in kind.

"Minister Fudge, Harry has challenged your presence and unless you have an unknown link to the Black family, you will have to leave the room until otherwise notified."

"But, I am the Minister of Magic. You can’t exclude me?" Fudge continued to bluster about while many watched the spectacle.

"Out!" Harry snapped. "If you do not leave, I will use every last knut to see you removed from office by the end of the month. Get the fuck out!" Harry saw Molly and Albus flinch. Arthur covered his mouth with his hand, but the laughter was still evident. Remus chuckled but kept a careful eye on Harry. Tonks let her mirth show on her face as she gazed at Harry in all his glory cussing out the Minister of Magic in front of Albus Dumbledore.

"Listen here, Potter, I will not be talked to like that. Least of all by you." Fudge was trying to bully Harry into letting him stay.

Harry stepped away from the table and strode around it to where Fudge was standing. His cloak billowed behind him giving Harry an aura of authority. He walked right up to Fudge and found he had to look down quite a bit to look him in the eyes.

"You will leave, arse, or I will remove you myself," Harry forced a little magic into his words and waited for a reaction. What he saw gave him hope. Fudge took a step backwards and started fumbling with his green bowler hat. Harry waited for a verbal response, but didn’t get one.

Losing patience, Harry swatted the hat out of the Minister’s hands knocking it to the floor. Harry stepped forward planting his left foot in the center of the hat crushing it. "I told you to leave, Fudge. I have stared down Voldemort, himself, more than once. If you think you can do better, go ahead and try." Harry ignored the wave of shudders and stifled voices.

"You have made a big mistake, Potter!" Fudge exclaimed.

"You may be right about that, Fudge. I probably should have cursed you instead of talking to you. I will remember that for next time though. I rarely make the same mistake more than once. Now, leave while you still can." Harry towered over the pathetic man.

"Ragnok, surely you can allow me to stay," Fudge tried.

"Even if I could, which I can not, I wouldn’t dare try, Minister." Ragnok looked at Harry and smiled. "I think I see the future of the Wizarding world and I am not about to side against him. I bid you good day, Minister." Ragnok waved a hand at Griphook and he advanced toward Harry and the Minister.

"Sir, you are to leave this room immediately," Griphook stated plainly. "If you refuse, you will be removed by security." The goblin waited for compliance.

The Minister attempted to intimidate Harry once more, but he stopped when he saw what looked like flames in the bright green eyes which were boring holes straight through his head. "This, is not, the end, of this, Potter," stuttered the defeated man.

"You know where I live, Fudge," Harry said. "Since your own people sent two Dementors to kill me last summer. This may not be the end, but I would watch yourself if you intend to continue your efforts from last year. I hear you are just barely holding on to your job. I wonder what would happen if I went to the Prophet today and demanded your resignation? I understand people like me again so I am not sure who would win that fight. You or me?" Harry stared at Fudge and waited for him to leave.

Albus spoke up. "Minister, I will see what I can do to resolve this issue, but I think it is best for you to leave right now."

Harry knew Albus would try to play both sides. He knew the old man saw the opportunity to gain additional leverage on the Minister. Harry watched Fudge nod to Albus and retreat from the room quickly. Only after the doors were closed by Griphook did Harry step back and bend over to pick up the flattened hat. He started back to his seat hat in hand until he passed the fireplace. With a flick of his hand, Harry tossed it into the fire and continued to his seat next to Tonks.

The flames consumed the green material in the minutes everyone was silently watching Harry. He looked to Tonks who smiled widely.

"Do not encourage him, Tonks," Molly said tartly. "Harry, you could be in serious trouble for doing that. I know he isn’t much of a leader, but he is who we have."

"If he tries anything, Mrs. Weasley, he will find himself on the street. I promise you that." Harry folded his hands in his lap and looked at everyone who was seated around the beautiful table.

"Do you have any more objections, Harry?" Ragnok asked.

"One, but I understand that family has a right to be here." Harry accented his point by looking right at Narcissa.

"You are correct, Harry, family have a right to be here," Ragnok said for the benefit of the room. "Now we will begin if there are no more objections." The room was silent except for the small parts of hat that were being devoured by the flames.

Ragnok pulled an envelope from the pile of papers, broke the was seal, and opened it. He unfolded the document and Harry could see familiar script written on the page. It was the same writing as the notes he got from Sirius over the few short years he had been free. Harry willed himself not to break down at the thought of it.

Tonks watched Harry fight against the emotions. She knew when he gained control, because his face quickly became impassive and blank. A sad thought clouded her mind as she saw Harry shut down.


"I, Sirius Black," Ragnok began reading the will. "Do hereby declare this as my last will and testament. For my dear cousins Narcissa and Bellatrix, I leave you shite. You deserve nothing and that is what you receive, nothing. Get out now, both of you!"

Harry broke into laughs as he processed what Sirius had done. "I object to receiving nothing, Ragnok," Narcissa said.

"I did not know we were on a first name basis, Mrs. Malfoy," Ragnok replied. "Your objection is noted and can be addressed at the end. I will continue with the reading."

"Now that is taken care of, I can get to the good stuff. I get to give away everything I own and more importantly, the stuff my family owned. Ha, I can see my mother rolling over in her grave right now. At least I hope I can. To Remus, my dear friend, I leave you a bunch of money and all of my clothes. You need them so take them. To Albus, I leave you the family library. I know I never used it and many of those books shouldn’t be in the hands of others.

"To the Weasleys I leave money. You earned it by taking care of Harry when I couldn’t. Besides, any stuff I give you would taint the home Harry loves most. I also give Molly my apologies for all the arguments. I know you were just trying to do what was best for him, but I wanted him to enjoy his life. I have been there so I know what it is like. To my little Nymphie, ha, can’t hit me this time, I leave you my notebook of wrong-doings. Be sure Albus never reads it and Harry does. One should be left to wonder and the other should be left to laugh at what his father and I got into.

"Lastly, to Harry I leave everything else. All the money, houses, and other such crap. But most importantly, I leave you my motorbike and the hope that you will prove me right. I told Lily, on your very first night home, that you would set the world on its ear and outdo me and your father combined. You are on the right track, Harry, keep it up and do not mourn this old dog. I love you, son."


Harry couldn’t stop the tears from falling. He didn’t care that he was crying in front of so many people. He had heard the words he had wanted to hear for his entire life. He was loved and he knew it. He felt the warm sensation wash over him as those words were read aloud. He looked at Molly and found her crying as well. She was gazing at him in a motherly-way. He figured she was trying to stop herself from running around the table to hug him.

Remus had a sad smile on his face and he kept his eyes glued to the table top in front of him. Albus hid his emotions well, but he too seemed sadden by the flippant way Sirius had written his will. Harry looked to his side and saw Tonks crying too. She looked at Harry and started rubbing his arm in a consoling way.

"That ends the reading," Ragnok announced. "Now, I will address your complaint, Mrs. Malfoy."

"I am the nearest blood-related family member," she began heatedly. "I can not be excluded from the disposition of monies. Potter can not be given everything. I speak for myself and my sister who I know would not stand for this either."

"It is too bad she couldn’t attend, Narcissa," Harry said coolly. "It would have been so nice to see her again. At least that way I wouldn’t have to go looking for her. She did kill Sirius so I have a debt to repay."

As Harry spoke, the room grew cooler. Albus watched his favorite student become more frightening than any other student he had seen aside from Tom Riddle himself. Albus waited to see what would happen next.

"I am sure my sister would love to see you again, Harry," Narcissa replied. "She said you two were interrupted last time."

"Oh, yes, we were," Harry said letting a little bloodlust into his words. "Tell her next time we can finish our lesson properly. I hope to see her soon. Something like this really can’t wait very long. If she has a time and place in mind, by all means let me know." Harry sat back in his chair and watched how his words were received.

Remus looked ready to kill as much as Harry felt ready. Albus appeared to be in thinking mode. The Weasleys seemed to want out of the room as fast as possible before the spells started flying.

"I will tell her, Potter, don’t you worry about that. You might want to write your own will while you are here though. These are dangerous times in case you haven’t read the paper lately." Narcissa seemed to enjoy her current position on the opposite side of the table from Harry. Harry merely inclined his head to the hateful Black family member.

"In reference to you complaint, Mrs. Malfoy," Ragnok returned to the business at hand. "Mr. Black has every right to divide the family estate as he saw fit. He very clearly chose to leave you nothing. The only way you could be gifted anything from the estate is through the charity of Harry Potter since he is the primary beneficiary. Harry, do you wish to gift anything to Mrs. Malfoy?"

"Not at this time, Ragnok, no." Harry looked at Narcissa. "If you could arrange a meeting with your dear sister, I might be able to see fit to give you some furniture or other family heirlooms. If you are interested, let me know."

"I am not a charity case, Potter."

"On the contrary, I think you are, but that is neither here nor there. No meeting, no family crap. Now, since the reading is over, I would like you to leave, Mrs. Malfoy. Be sure to tell Draco hello for me. This next year won’t be like the last ones. And if you get to see the Death Eater you call a husband, wish him my best." Harry smiled evilly and waited for the prim and proper woman to leave the room.

She looked to Ragnok for further assistance or support but found none. She stood up with as much poise as she could having been slighted so thoroughly and headed for the exit. As she opened the door, she turned and spoke. "Be careful what you wish for, boy. You might just get it."

"I could only hope for such a wonderful opportunity, Narcissa." Harry kept his eyes directed at her until the door closed. "Thank Merlin that is over with. I thought she would never leave."

"Harry, it is not wise to antagonize ones enemy," Albus spoke airily.

"Stuff it old man," Harry retorted. "I got a better one for you. It is not wise to lie to someone who you need in the end." The room had gone silent with Harry’s response to Albus. He had insulted the most powerful wizard in the world and he didn’t seem to care.

"I apologize for my errors in judgment, Harry. I am still human." Albus waited for the old Harry to give in. It didn’t happen.

"When you are ready to confess all of your lies, I will be waiting. Until then, please leave the room. You got the books so go get them out of that damn house before I burn it down. The rest of you should stay since I like all of you." Harry felt Albus probe his mind lightly looking for an opening. "I would stop that, Professor, or I will be forced to defend myself. One’s mind should be private from others. Don’t you agree?"

"I am not sure what lies you speak of, but I need to remain for specific reasons, Harry," Albus adjusted his cloak trying to cover the fact that he got caught trying to probe Harry’s mind.

"If you mean the guardianship you had so carefully hidden from the world and me, you are wrong. I had that changed earlier. One more lie you were caught in. Would you like to tell me more before I find them out? It would be a step in the right direction."

"Ragnok, what is the status of my guardianship over Harry?" Albus asked promptly.

"Dissolved, Albus, due to a breech of contract on your part," the goblin answered. "You knew the limits and you overstepped. Harry presented his case and I found merit in it. If you wish to challenge my ruling, you may, but I think it would end up worse than the other two challenges did today. It would be a very public hearing considering those involved and you would not look very altruistic to the general populous."

"What did I do, Harry?" Albus asked.

"Petunia was enough in my book," Harry responded. "You violated my parents’ wishes more than once to get control of me. I am not sure you can ever recover from that one. Ten years of hell add up to a lot, Albus. I will not forget that. If you want, I can go on. I have more you know. I haven’t been sitting on my arse for the last week."

"That much is obvious, Harry," Albus said resigned to the fact that he had lost most of Harry’s trust. "If there is a way for me to repair our relationship, please tell me. As you asked, I will leave you to the finer points. Good day, Harry. Ragnok, thank you. Everyone, Sunday then." Albus stood and left the room.

"Harry, how could you talk to Albus like that," Molly scolded him. "He is still Albus Dumbledore and your headmaster."

"He is a manipulative old man that got caught messing about with my life," Harry said forcefully. "I will not allow him to continue doing so. If I have to bring it up in front of others to stop him, then so be it. Now, Ragnok, what do we have left to discuss?"

"We must settle the specifics of the disbursement. The deceased left percentages for the money. The Weasleys receive a sum of forty thousand galleons. Remus Lupin receives a sum of three hundred thousand galleons. Harry you receive the remainder of the Black estate. I can tell you the amount if you would like."

"No thank you, Ragnok," a depressed Harry slouched even further in his chair. "I guess it is more than the other two so it is a lot. Just put it in my family vault."

Ragnok seemed to understand Harry’s position. "Ah, yes, you also receive the Black family vault, number 183, and Mr. Black’s personal vault, number 711. Here are the keys to the vaults. The aforementioned motorbike is in number 711 in case you wanted to take it with you today."

"Harry," Mrs. Weasley spoke up. "Motorbikes are dangerous. You should sell it and stick with wizard transportation."

"And having Voldemort after you isn’t dangerous?" Harry asked evenly. Molly shuddered at the name. "It is just a made up name for a psychopath by the same psychopath. There is no reason to fear the name, Mrs. Weasley. Besides, I would rather die on the motorbike than at the point of that wand any day. At least he wouldn’t have the satisfaction of killing me. That would really piss him off."

Molly was the picture-perfect-image of horror. Her mouth moved but no words came from it. It continued for a few seconds while Harry waited to be yelled at. "How can you be so, so, so like the twins about this? This is your life you are joking about."

"If I don’t joke, what have I got left?" Harry asked. "It is either joke or run and hide. I am done hiding from him. I am done being stuck away until the next school year. I am going to live my life and if the Dark Tosser shows up then I will fight him. It is either living my life or waiting to die. It is an easy choice to make in my opinion."

"Oh, Harry, I can’t bare to watch you put yourself in danger like that." Molly wrung her hands together. "You are as much a son to me as any of the others. Why must you make me worry so?"

Harry laughed. "You can always step back and forget you ever knew me."

"Not a chance, young man."

"Well, then I guess you are stuck worrying about me. I am not going to back down." Harry looked at the faces staring at him. "Ragnok, let’s go find that bike. I think I need to learn how to ride. Tonks are you coming?"

Tonks looked to Molly and saw the unspoken order to remain for a few minutes. "I will catch up, Harry. I think someone needs to yell at me."

Harry saw the situation and nodded. "You have fun with that, Tonks. You know where to find me." Harry stood and helped Ragnok to the door. The two struck up a conversation as they slowly made their way out of the room.

"He has no clue who Ragnok is, does he?" Remus asked of Tonks.

"Nope," Tonks answered. "He just knows he is an old goblin and the director of Gringotts. When they started using first names, I didn’t know what to do but Harry just kept on going. Our little Harry is on a first name basis with the leader of the goblins. Oh, he is all grown up." Tonks tried to keep it light by joking and everyone but Molly seemed willing to play along.

"Tonks!" Molly started in. "How could you let Harry go get that bike. He could get hurt. He could die on it. You are supposed to be helping him get over Sirius and learning to work with us. It is for his own good."

"Harry can do what he wants to do, Molly," Tonks said firmly. "You people decided I would do all those things, not me. Harry runs his own life and I like it that way. If he wants to race around on that bike, then I am all for it. This is the first time in his life he has a say in what happens to him. If you want to try and stop him, be my guest. I, on the other hand, plan to teach him how to ride that motorbike. It should be fun. Think of all the muggles he will annoy while riding it around their quiet neighborhoods. Oh this is going to be a fun week for the Dursleys."

"You are as bad as Sirius, you know that?" Molly commented. "No regard for the safety of others. Do you not care about Harry’s life?"

"More than you can know, Molly," Tonks said forcefully. "I want his life to be worth living. Thus far, it hasn’t. Ask him yourself if you disagree."

"Tonks, I only want what is best for him," Molly deflated and began wringing her hands again. "He is like a son to me."

"Then be happy for him," Tonks said. "Harry only wants to have a little fun. His life has had very little of it so far. Now, I think I should catch up with him. No telling what he could get himself into with Ragnok. They might try to overthrow the Ministry if we leave them alone too long." Tonks smiled widely and walked over to Griphook.

Remus watched the auror and the goblin leave the room. Tonks seemed happier then the last time he saw her. "She seems buoyant today."

"I think she has a new man in her life," Molly said offhandedly. "She was frustrated at the last Order meeting. Something about being interrupted or something. I hope she is keeping her focus on Harry when she is protecting him. We know Dung isn’t reliable."

"Molly," Arthur stated. "She may be young, but she knows what to do. Harry seemed better, mostly. At least he seemed friendly to me. I don’t know what Albus did, but he had better fix it soon. Harry seemed pretty mad at him."

"I have never seen Harry like that before," Molly expressed her concern. "He is a good boy, but I got scared there for a bit. I think Sirius’s death has changed him, poor dear."

"I think it has," Remus added. "I only hope it is a temporary change. Harry is in a position to carry out any of his intentions if he wants to. He insulted the Minister of Magic and I think we all know that Fudge can’t do anything about it. Harry was right that he could have him removed. With Ragnok and the money he has, Harry really has no limits on what he could do."

"Harry will do what is right," Arthur said without hesitation. "He has always done what is right. You need not look any further than what he has done in school to know that much. Now, I think we should go see what forty thousand galleons looks like. Coming dear?"

"Oh my," Molly said putting her hand to her mouth. "That is right. Sirius left us something. What a sweet man?"

"Quite a change in your tune, Molly," Remus chided.

"It does not do well to speak ill of the dead, Remus." Molly grabbed her husband’s hand and they led the way out of the room and into the hallway. Two goblins were waiting and one took the Weasleys to the cart room. "I guess I should go see what clothes that old dog left me." The goblin waved Remus down the hall and to the lobby. All the while, Remus kept thinking. ‘You damn, fool. Why did you have to die on me too? Now, Peter is all that is left, and I will kill him if I get the chance. You foolish man, but I miss you all the same.’


                      Harry kept up an idle conversation with Ragnok on the way to Sirius’s vault. He was surprised by how much the elder goblin enjoyed the cart ride. They zoomed down the track and around a bend. The breakneck speeds reminded Harry of his broom and he longed to ride it again.

The cart came to a stop at vault number 711. Harry looked around and saw vault number 713. He remembered when Hagrid brought him down there to get the Philosophers’ Stone. Harry looked up and down the walkway in front of the vaults. He saw a light flickering in the distance, but because of the darkness, he couldn’t see who or what it was.

"Ragnok," Harry posed. "Are there other people down here? There is a light coming this way."

"I am not sure, Harry," Ragnok said calmly. "What do you think it is?"

"I don’t know, but I am not taking any chances." Harry moved back behind a pillar and listened to the faint voices echoing off the walls of the corridor. Harry unconsciously used his left hand to move Ragnok behind him while drawing his wand with his right.

Harry got into a defensive position and waited as the people grew closer. He could make out a few words from their conversation. He heard ‘ward’ and ‘security’ but he also heard ‘You-Know-Who’.

Once the people had reached vault number 709, Harry jumped out and leveled his wand at the taller of the men. A shocked face turned into a wary grin as he saw Harry.

"Harry, fancy meeting you here." Bill Weasley held his arms out to the sides to show he wasn’t a threat. "Would you mind lowering your wand a bit? I kind of like my head where it is, thanks."

"Bill, what are you doing here?" Harry asked.

"I work here, but you knew that."

"Harry, you know this employee?" Ragnok had moved into the walkway.

"Director, sir," Bill stated formally.

"Yeah, I know Bill, Ragnok," Harry said casually putting his wand away. "He is the son of Molly and Arthur Weasley."

"Ah, yes, from the reading," Ragnok said. "Pleasant people your parents are, Bill. They are quite comfortable now, financially. So, how is the security check going, Brognot?"

A goblin moved from behind Bill and approached the Director. "Director, we have been evaluating the security in this wing and found it adequate, but not ideal. No vaults have been entered illegally."

"You knew they were down here?" Harry asked the Director. "Why didn’t you tell me?"

"I wanted to see how you would handle the situation, Harry," Ragnok replied with a goblin smile. "I was pleased with what you did. Just to assure you, these security checks are preventive in nature. Gringotts prides itself on its security. We have only had one break-in in the last century that wasn’t stopped."

"I know," Harry said. "Professor Quirrell broke into 713 to steal the Philosophers’ Stone but Hagrid and I had removed it hours before."

"Professor Quirrell was the culprit?" Ragnok spoke with an edge to his voice. "How long have you known this and who else knew?"

"I have known since the end of my first year at Hogwarts and I think Dumbledore knew as well. I wouldn’t worry about him trying it again since he is dead."

"It is good news that he is dead, but its bad news that I wasn’t informed of the thief’s identity. Brognot, Weasley, please continue the security checks. I would like this wing better secured by weeks’ end."

"Yes, sir," both answered.

Bill eyed Harry as they started walking again. "I hope to see you soon, Harry. Mum has been trying to get you released from the muggles since day one. Take care, Harry."

"Goodbye, Bill," Harry said. "You do the same. Goodbye, Brognot."

"Mr. Potter," Brognot replied lowering his head respectfully.

"On to our previous business, Harry," Ragnok said. "I will open the vault for you." Ragnok did the same motions as Griphook did years earlier to the neighboring vault. He ran his finger down the front of the vault and Harry heard the locks clicking open. The door swung open and Harry peered inside.

He saw the vault had been cleared of money and only a few things remained. A sheet was covering a large object near the back of the vault and a shelf near the door held a journal of sorts. Harry picked up the journal and opened to the first page. It was titled, "A Marauder’s Tally" and it was signed by Sirius. Harry held the book tightly against his chest and wondered if his father had a journal of his marauding as well.

Harry slipped the book into his cloak so he could give it to Tonks when he saw her. He looked at the only thing left in the vault, the sheet covered object. Walking across the sizeable vault, Harry heard his footsteps echo softly. He figured his new trainers had a lot to do with his now soft steps.

He reached out and pulled on the sheet dropping it to the floor. Harry took a deep breath when he saw the chrome reflect the candle light. The motorbike was in perfect condition. Harry didn’t know what to say or do.

"It has a Restorative Charm on it," Tonks said from the entryway. "Harry, may I have access to vault number 711?"

"Of course you can, Tonks, why do you need to ask?" Harry questioned.

"Because, I have to or the security wards will do nasty things to me." Tonks stepped into the vault and walked over to Harry. She wrapped her arm around his waist and softly rested her head on his shoulder. "He cared about this bike so much. He has every charm imaginable on it. Restorative, a Sparkle Charm, the Flying Charm, the Self-Righting Charm, and a few others I can’t remember. This was his baby until you came along."

"I wish I knew all that." The depressed way Harry spoke made Tonks hug him tighter.

"You know now, Harry. I only knew him for a few years before he was sent to Azkaban. We reconnected last summer. He told me stories about you. I remember one where he waited until your mum left you in the back yard while she went to get something from the house. Sirius said he took that as a sign from Merlin himself to kidnap you for a few hours.

"He didn’t give specifics, but he did say that your mum was none too happy to find the two of you flying around the countryside on this very bike. He knew he was relatively safe as long as he had you, because your mum would risk hurting you by shooting spells at him. He stalled until your dad got home from somewhere and tried to get him to help the foolish dog out of the hole he had dug himself into.

"From reading between the lines, I figured that Sirius was banned from the house for a week and he couldn’t sit straight for three." Harry started laughing a sad laugh. "He told me it was worth every day though. He said you loved flying on this bike almost as much as you loved the trips on your father’s racing broom when you mother was absent."

Tonks hugged Harry again and planted a light kiss on his cheek. "Go on, have a seat. It is yours, you know."

"I know, but it just doesn’t seem right. It is his bike, not mine."

"It is yours now, Harry. That is how he wanted it. Don’t refuse the one thing he really wanted you to have. This is what he wanted to give you when you turned seventeen. I think your mum refused to let it happen earlier."

Harry held Tonks tightly and sighed a few times. He thought about everything that happened that day and how sad everything seemed to end up. He wanted one good thing to come of the day. He pulled out the journal and handed it to Tonks. "This is yours, Nymph. I only looked at the first page. Let me read it when you finish it."

"Thank you, Harry. What are you going to do now?"

Harry smiled lightly and smirked. "Sorry, mum, but Sirius wins this one." Harry reached out and grabbed a hold of the handle bars. He gripped them tightly and swung his leg over the bike and sat down. The bike sank a little but was perfectly quiet otherwise. Harry looked at Tonks and gave an embarrassed smile.

"Do you know how to work one of these things?" Harry asked bashfully.

"Yes, I do. I wanted to know how to use all muggle vehicles when I got out of Hogwarts. Now, first you have to put up the kick stand and then you…


                      Over the course of the next few hours, Tonks instructed Harry on the finer points of motorbike operation and safety. Harry learned quickly but needed room to practice riding. Once the engine roared to life, Griphook entered the vault to see what was making all the noise. He offered Harry an unfinished corridor to practice in.

With the bike strapped down to a cart, Harry, Tonks, and Griphook said goodbye to Ragnok and delved deeper into the catacombs. When Griphook turned into a large, empty cavern, he stopped the cart. They unloaded the bike and Harry began his first riding lesson.

It was lucky for Harry that the Self-Righting Charm still functioned or he would have crashed a few times. Tonks was appalled to learn that Harry had never learned to ride a bike before but fortunately his Quidditch skills assisted with his balance. A few close calls later and Harry was riding around the room at a comfortable speed.

As his confidence grew, so did his daring. Harry learned to lean into the turns at higher speeds and the miracle of brakes. When he was thoroughly comfortable with his abilities, Tonks joined him in riding. He found out that a second person changed the dynamics enough that you couldn’t become complacent even for a second.

Once Tonks felt satisfied in Harry’s skill, she pointed to a lever on the tank. Harry pulled the lever and he felt the bike shudder. Only when the front wheel started lifting off the ground did Harry figure out what the lever was used for. Harry made short work of figuring out how to control the bike in the air.

Harry learned that he could use a Silencing Charm on the exhaust to make the bike nearly whisper-quiet. Tonks dabbled with the Disillusionment Charm on the bike and found the proper place to tap to hide the whole machine. After some fancy flying and riding, Harry landed the bike and Tonks dismounted letting Harry continue his fun.

Harry’s mood improved as he thought more about what Sirius would really have wanted him to do. ‘Sirius would want me to ride this thing everywhere and cause trouble with it. How many people get to learn how to ride inside of Gringotts anyway? I will make you proud, Sirius. I promise.’

Tonks checked her watch and waved Harry down. "It is getting late and we should be getting home. We need to eat and I owe you a little fun before the night is over."

"Okay, let’s get this thing loaded onto a cart and go home."

They wheeled the bike over to the cart they had used to get where ever they were and strapped it down. Griphook, who had brought some paperwork to complete, checked everything before he set the cart into motion. They rocketed back to the surface twisting and turning with the track. Tonks settled into Harry’s arms for the majority of the trip. She snuggled into him and relaxed taking in the scent of Harry and motorbike.

At the top, they unloaded the bike and wheeled it out the front door drawing quite a crowd of onlookers and curious people. Harry scanned the crowd once, and then continued to the Apparition point. Tonks followed keeping an eye on anyone who could pose a threat. Harry pulled out the ring and tapped it discretely with his wand altering its destination.

Harry held out the ring for Tonks to grab onto and he waited for the timer to go off. When the tugging stopped, Harry saw the desired alleyway off the quiet street a few blocks away from Privet Drive.

"This is for you, Sirius," Harry said aloud. He straddled the bike and started the engine. It roared to life and Harry revved it a few times. "Care to join me, Nymph?"

"It would be my pleasure, Harry."

Harry released the clutch and powered down the street. He made a few laps around the neighborhood getting the feel for the bike on the muggle roadways. After a half hour or so of Harry cruising around Little Whining, he came to a stop in front of the Italian restaurant they had eaten at before. Harry realized he was still wearing his new cloak so he removed it and put it in the saddle bag attached to the bike.

Tonks did the same and reached out a hand to pull Harry into the establishment. They were seated in the same booth they had last time and ordered the same meal. They ate quickly not bothering to speak much. When they were finished, Tonks paid the bill with the muggle money she had in her pocket. Harry made a mental note to change some of his galleons into pounds.

They left the restaurant and headed to Privet Drive. When they pulled into the driveway, Harry couldn’t help but rev the engine one last time. He turned off the motor and escorted Tonks to the front door. She found the door locked, but a wand flick and a word fixed that instantly.

They entered the house and were met with a blustering Vernon standing in the hall. "Yes, Vernon, you wanted to say something?" Harry asked nicely.

"What in the devil was that noise?" Vernon boomed.

"That, oh, that is my motorbike. Be sure not to hit it tomorrow if you take the auto somewhere. I would be very angry if you damage it." Harry spoke evenly but made sure to get his point across.

"A motorbike?" Vernon yelled. "You can’t drive a motorbike. You aren’t old enough. And where did you get a motorbike? You have no money in the first place."

"My godfather left me the bike, and I can ride it when ever I like. I am a wizard so I do not need a license."

"Funny thing, when the police stop us they seem to forget what they were trying to do. Imagine that," Tonks chimed in.

"Yes, well, we have had a long day so if you will excuse us." Harry motioned Tonks up the stairs with his hand.

"You will keep that motorbike out of our driveway and away from the house," Vernon demanded. "I will not have the neighbors thinking we support that kind of behavior. A motorbike, honestly."

"I will park the bike where ever I wish to park it, Vernon," Harry told his uncle. "If you have a problem with that, then too bad. I really don’t care what you want. Goodnight." Harry ascended the stairs right behind Tonks who was swaying her rear again.

When the door to the room was closed, Harry grabbed Tonks from behind earning him a squeal. "Why did you do that when we were walking up the stairs?"

Through her laughter and suggestive winks, Tonks replied, "Because it is fun and I wanted you a little worked up."

"I think you putting your hands a little low on the ride back managed to accomplish that much, Nymphadora."

"I did, huh? I never would have known." Tonks attempt at an innocent look failed when she grinned devilishly and pulled Harry on top of her and began to snog him to within an inch of his life.

The minutes rolled by before Harry could even think of something to say. "Tonks, what are we going to do tonight?"

"I was thinking of returning the favour from last night, Harry. You know those things can be annoying while they heal."

"Well, don’t you have some healing skills? You are a second level yellow, right?"

"Oh, I guess I am. I should have been able to heal those easily enough. I wonder why I didn’t do that." Tonks smiled and forced Harry’s hands over her own head while she drove her mouth onto his. "Maybe I wanted you to sympathize with me. Or maybe I wanted to remember where your mouth had been."

"You couldn’t remember without the marks?"

"I think you will have to remind me, Harry. Now get to it."

Before Harry got too much into the fun, he put up a Silencing Charm on the room. Tonks pulled his attention back to her by pulling his lips to hers. Harry kept kissing her as he pulled her shirt free from her pants. He started moving the shirt up slowly with his left hand as he continued kissing her.

After a few minutes of that, Tonks pushed him off and pulled her shirt over her head in one swift motion. "Enough of that shirt for the evening." She pulled him to her and started kissing him fiercely.

Harry let her tongue ravage his mouth and her hands remove his own shirt. He lowered his chest to hers and slowly began to move against her. He felt her lace bra rub against his skin with every movement. Her hands were in his hair and gripping his back. He wrapped his arms around her body and pulled her to him lifting her off the bed.

He held her in place while his fingers moved to the clasp on her bra. His nimble fingers worked away for a few minutes before he willed the frustrating hook to release. The bra released instantly and Harry slowly removed it from Tonks body freeing her breasts from their confinement.

She sighed deeply before her mouth latched onto his neck and began sucking as if she was desperately trying to draw blood. Harry moaned softly and maneuvered his mouth to return the favor. They proceeded to mark each other quite thoroughly before Harry broke free and started trailing kisses down her chest.

He went all the way from her neck to her lower abdomen before starting back up. He paused at her breasts and kissed around each of them slowly using his tongue liberally. The noises she made assured Harry that he was doing the right thing. He kissed her breasts in circular motions from the outside inward leaving the very erect nipples for last.

Tonks squealed loudly when Harry finally gave in and took as much of her breast into his mouth as he could. The whole time his hands had loosened her pants and worked them to her mid thigh. Tonks was not paying very close attention and was more than willing to be free of them when Harry started tugging.

She managed to regain enough semblance of control to remove Harry’s jeans quickly. When her breasts had received adequate attention, Tonks pulled Harry down to the bed and rolled him over. With Tonks in control, she planted kisses all over his body in a similar fashion to what he had done to her.

Harry reveled in the sensations and he fought for control of his own urges. He did his best not to fight Tonks away when she got too close to certain things. When Tonks mouth returned to his, Harry thought he was relatively safe. He was until Tonks’ hand slid into his boxers and grabbed him tightly.

Harry opened his eyes and found Tonks gazing at him lustfully. "Nymph, don’t you think…"

"Shut up, Harry. I am not thinking right now so just enjoy it." Tonks started moving her hand slowly but firmly. She continued despite Harry’s mumbled protests. She only stilled when Harry did the same to her.

His hand moved beneath her panties and found a sensitive spot. Harry started rubbing it slowly with his fingers in time with her own motions. After a few minutes, Harry knew the end was near and forced his eyes open to find Tonks gritting her teeth and breathing rapidly.

"Nymphadora." Harry spoke quietly and watched Tonks open her eyes slowly.

He willed himself into her mind and started moving his hand quickly before she could respond. After a few seconds, Tonks’ response was to grip tightly and stroke him quickly. Amongst the swirling colors in his mind, Harry could hear Tonks squealing with each movement. He heard her breathing quicken even more causing her own actions to increase overloading Harry’s senses.

With a scream from one and a loud grunt from the other, Harry and Nymphadora collapsed onto each other. Their movements stilled and only their breaths were evidence they remained alive. As the minutes passed, Harry heard a soft coo escape Tonks’ puffy and red lips.


"Merlin, that was worth it, Harry. If you can do that again, you will never have to worry about me being happy." Tonks gave a shuddered exhale.

"I am glad you liked it, Nymph."

"I loved it, Harry." Tonks smiled weakly and tried to bury her head into Harry’s shoulder while squeezing him firmly once more gaining a positive reaction.

"Oh, Nymph, I am not sure you want to do that."

"And why not, Harry?" Tonks opened her eyes and gave him a wicked grin.

Harry moved his fingers back and forth causing her eyes to snap shut and eliciting a moan and shivers from Tonks body. "Because, I will do the same thing to you if you do."

"Promises, promises, Harry." Tonks stretched to give Harry a passionate kiss and proceeded to repeat her earlier actions. Harry couldn’t think of anything but doing the same to her.

From her perch, Hedwig blinked her large eyes twice then nestled her head under her wing intending to sleep until earlier in the morning before going hunting. It was some time before the snowy white owl managed to fall asleep. Her owner and friend weren’t very considerate that night.

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