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Disclaimer: J K Rowling owns the rights and likenesses of all the characters in the Harry Potter series. This story is meant to add to the world she created. Any conflicts are accidental and they yield to her reality (canon).

This is a post-OOTP story during the summer before Harry’s Sixth Year. Very few items of HBP will be used.

Harry Potter And The Summer Of Change

5. Shopping

                      The house was completely quiet as Harry felt a twitch in his right shoulder. It was a very bothersome twitch and he couldn’t remain asleep with the irritation. He was half awake trying to rotate the pain away when he realized that he was on his back and Tonks was lying on top of him. He was able to complete a few passes of his shoulder without disturbing her. Pain gone, Harry looked at the person who was covering him more than the sheet.

Her hair was spread across his chest in rivulets moving slightly with every breath. Her nose breached the curtain of hair and sent her expelled breath through the hair. Tonks’ head was comfortably nestled on Harry’s left shoulder forcing his left arm to hold her in place. Her left hand was holding his right side firmly preventing him from leaving or moving too much. Harry smiled as he finally felt like he had a place to belong. ‘I like this so much. I feel good here. I feel like I am supposed to be here. Is this what everyone else feels like most of the time?’

Harry continued assessing his position. Tonks’ left leg was draped over his. She was pressed against the full length of his body or as much of it as she covered. Harry closed his eyes and reveled in the feeling of Tonks’ body against his. The warmth and softness was something he had never experienced before outside of this summer. Now that he had felt it, Harry craved the sensation. Comforting and special, Harry yearned to feel it as often as possible.

A deep breath from Tonks’ forced Harry’s eyes open again. He watched as Tonks snuggled her head deeper into his shoulder and chest. He felt her breasts rub against his side and he fought with his hormone-driven thoughts. ‘Keep it together. Tonks is just a friend…who you have been snogging with every night since you got here. She is just playing around, it means nothing to her. Her eyes say different.’ Harry continued to watch Tonks shift in her sleep and his body was responding accordingly. ‘Bollocks, this is going to be embarrassing when she wakes up.’

A few minutes more of Tonks trying to dig into Harry’s body and she settled. Harry couldn’t see her eyes, but he could feel her heart beating steady and strong. He could feel his reaction pressing against her leg and he hoped that she wouldn’t laugh at him when she woke up.

"Morning, Harry," Tonks said softly in a very female voice. Harry reacted even worse than he already had. "I ‘feel’ you are awake and ready for a new day."

‘Oh hell, she doesn’t stop.’ Harry looked down as Tonks cleared her hair away from her face. Harry saw a warm and hungry look in her eyes once they were uncovered. He hesitated before speaking. "I, um, sorry Tonks, I just…"

Tonks cut him off by placing her hand behind his head and pulling herself up to his face. Her lips met his and quickly her tongue was involved. She kissed him like her life was at stake. She pressed her lips to his in a hungry desperation. Her tongue flicked around his mouth in a never-ending race. Her breathing accelerated and her body moved slowly upwards making the kisses easier to perform.

As she snogged Harry for everything he was worth, Tonks moved her body into a position where she was more on top of him than before. Her left leg had made it to the other side of his body preventing him from moving in that direction and her left foot had curled under his right knee locking them together more firmly. Her chest was pleasantly resting on Harry’s and he could feel her nipples move against his skin from behind the fabric of her shirt.

The kisses continued but the fevered-pitch slowed to a steadier and heated pace. They were deeper and more thorough kisses. Harry decided to let Tonks control the pace and anything else she wanted. ‘She knows better than I do. I am the teenaged-boy here.’ Her right leg had taken up a position to his left effectively giving her all control in the matter of the morning’s activities.

Harry was regaining control of his own body, especially one very excited spot, when he felt her hips move against his own. He paused as he felt her flat stomach roll against his lower abdomen. She was moving slowly but that didn’t matter to an excited fifteen-year-old. Harry responded by thrusting his hips upward and rubbing against her. Tonks never skipped a beat and repeated the motion earning her a similar response. A dozen or so repetitions and she changed her angle.

Tonks lowered herself to lie flush with Harry’s body. She rubbed herself, up and down along Harry’s body, moving her pelvis slowly around his crotch. Harry could feel the heat being put off by her and he loved every minute. He smelled something that he couldn’t place, but he liked it all the same. As Tonks moved the heat increased and Harry was beginning to worry about certain things happening. He pulled away from her eager mouth and wanted to ask her a question before he became too worked up.

Tonks opened her eyes enough to see his face and cut off his question with her mouth while moving her right hand from his chest to his crotch. She moved it slowly around telling him everything he needed to know. The pace increased and Harry was starting to feel the pressure down there. He wanted her to feel the same thing so he broke the kiss and stared at her face until she opened her eyes.

He forced his way into her mind like he had done before and she put up no resistance. The warm feeling his body was undergoing was shared by his mind. He saw swirls of warm, soft colors and felt a gust of heated air pass through his head. He felt a burning sensation in his lower regions that wasn’t there before. He heard a soft squeal of pleasure escape Tonks mouth right before he covered it with his own.

Tonks moved her hips faster and with more determination than previously. She was rubbing and moving around faster and faster. Her breathing had increased to short and fast breaths. Harry’s hands had moved from her sides to her back and lower when she moved upward. Her firm butt was higher with her last stroke and Harry held it tightly in his hands. He flexed his fingers squeezing the muscle and skin and heard another sound escape from Tonks’ throat.

Harry gave a slight push on her rear and she responded by moving in the same direction. She pushed against him forcefully earning a moan from Harry. They continued the movement a few times before the heat became overwhelming under the sheet. In one swift motion of her left arm, Tonks threw the sheet off of them and sat up placing her hips directly above Harry’s.

She placed both her hands on his chest and pushed. Her hips were moving around and Harry felt the pressure in himself increase again. He opened his eyes to see Tonks above him rocking back and forth. Her hair was mussed and she wasn’t showing any signs of slowing. Harry moved his hands to the sides of her hips and slowed her somewhat. Tonks opened her eyes and looked right into Harry’s.

He saw the hunger had been replaced by desire and that was all he could see. He forced his way into her welcoming mind again feeling his urges increase. Tonks bucked forcefully and proceeded to grind herself into Harry’s groin. She kept her eyes open and stared into his face as she sped up her actions. Harry watched as her eyes sparkled with passion as she writhed around on top of him. He knew he was beyond the point of no return, but he didn’t care. It was only a matter of time and he would have a mess to clean up.

Tonks smiled a smile that Harry could only describe as lustful. She found her pace and maintained it until she was squealing softly with each of Harry’s moans. They were staring at each other and were in perfect sync. Tonks breathing was fast and steady now, but Harry’s was fast and wild. Tonks changed the pace to a slower but more forceful stroke. With each one, Harry felt like he would lose it, but he managed to hold on surprising himself.

Tonks’ breathing had changed, again, to desperate breaths with each stroke. Her eyes were becoming unfocused and she was gripping Harry’s shoulders tightly. Her squeals had gotten louder and Harry’s moans were matching her noises. They were moving together and Harry felt a burning sensation. He thrust once and he finally felt the release. Tonks squealed louder than any other time, thus far, and collapsed onto Harry’s chest.

Her body was racked with her deep breaths and some small shivers. Harry allowed himself to calm somewhat before he wrapped his arms around her small body. Having no idea what to say or do, Harry went with the safest thing he could think of. "Cold, Tonks?" ‘I may be the Boy-Who-Lived, but I have no idea what the hell to do here.’

"You really have no clue what you did and what happened, do you?" Tonks asked looking up into his eyes. "You are so cute and innocent."

"First time for everything, so I think I am entitled to being clueless, Nymphadora."

Tonks hesitated, and then smiled sweetly. "Yes, you are, Harry." She took a deep breath and continued. "I am not sure how that happened, but I just wanted to kiss you at first. That turned into snogging which turned into rubbing which turned into dry humping…you have no reason to worry about keeping your women happy in the future. You might not know what you are doing, but you improvise better than anyone else I know."

"Thanks, I think."

"That is a compliment, Harry. Thank you very much."

"For what, exactly?"

"For making me happy and feeling wanted. And whatever you do with that form of Legilimency. Wow!"

"I don’t do Legilimency, do I?"

"Yes, Harry, you do. It is the most pleasant application of that particular skill I have experienced, but it is the same. You are very good at it and I hope you keep practicing it with me." Tonks eyes narrowed and she looked like a hopeful and satisfied woman.

"If this is what will happen every time, I think I can make that promise then." Harry tried to hide the rising blush as he realized exactly what he had just done with Tonks.

Tonks half closed her eyes and murmured to herself, "Thank Merlin for that." Her mouth spread into a smile and she snuggled into Harry’s neck since she was still on top of him. "Are you going to kiss me, Harry?"

"Do you want me to?"

"After an orgasm like that, you can do just about anything you want." Tonks said quietly and smiled. Slowly her eyes widened and her mouth opened into an ‘O’ shape. "Oops, I shouldn’t have said that." At Harry’s completely puzzled look, she explained. "Harry, you are young. I know this and I shouldn’t have done what I did with you."

"I was doing it as well, Tonks. Besides, you have said that I act older than I am."

"True, you do, Harry, but until now it has only been teasing and kissing. I kind of went further this time."

"I understand," Harry said in a depressed way. "If you want, we can forget this ever happened."

"No," Tonks said quickly. "I want to…I need to…I am lost Harry. I know what I want and I think I know what I need, but this is far more complicated for me than it is for you."

"What is and why?"

"First off, you are a guy, Harry, and thank Merlin for that. The rules are different for men than they are for women when it involves relationships. Second, I am the adult and people expect me to be in control. If you couldn’t tell, I lose control when it comes to you. I become young schoolgirl when I kiss you. I am not sure why, but I lose complete and total control of myself. Even if I wanted to be in control, I couldn’t do it. Third, you are you. I am a nobody and you are Harry Potter. That just wouldn’t sit well with others. You are supposed to be with a pure-blooded princess or something like that not a half-blooded goofball."

"I don’t care what others think or say, Tonks. I am deciding what my life is going to be like now. I will not live by others wishes, wants, or expectations. I am taking control of my life and you should too. You are giving me the opportunity to make that happen and if I can do that for you then I will."

"It is not the same thing, Harry. I…do you like me, Harry?"

Harry paused and thought about the question. "Yes, I like you Tonks. Why do you need to ask?"

"How do you like me? A friend, a fuck-buddy, a passing interest? What is your motivation?"

"You are my friend, Tonks. Anything more than that I can’t really tell. This is all new to me." Harry wasn’t sure what was going on but it seemed important to Tonks.

"Marcus talked to me yesterday about us." Harry gave a confused look. "He is very good at reading people’s intentions, Harry. You are a fifteen-year-old male so you are very easy to read as far as a few things are concerned. He knew I was interested in you by the way I talked about you. He knew it was just a matter of time before my flirty nature would lead to something like this and he told me to distance myself from you."

"What business of his is it about what we do?" Harry asked feeling his anger rise.

"It is his business if it disrupts the teams. It has happened before and they frown on coupling inside of teams."

Harry heard what she said but couldn’t get past the word coupling. "Are we a couple then?"

"I don’t know," Tonks admitted. "It would be nice to have someone, but I doubt you would want to be with me. I am older than you. I am not much to look at compared to those you could get. I am a klutz most of the time unless I am really focused."

"Well, I am socially inept thanks to my relatives. I am scrawny. I have a nasty looking scar on my head. My luck is bound to run out soon, and I attract the attention of psychopaths. I’d say I am worse off."

"You are none of those things, Harry. You are a hero to many. You are cute and sexy, and you turn a wonderful red color. Yep, that is the one." Tonks said pointing to the red color forming on Harry’s cheeks.

Harry forced the blush away and tried to think of something to say in return. "You are a great person, Tonks. You are cute and sexy as well. I have fun with you." Harry thought of the big one and chose to say it. "You are helping me stay alive. That means a lot to me. Everyone else would have locked me away for safekeeping. You are letting me make my own way through this. You are letting me be my own person. I am not about to give up on you, now am I?"

Tonks heard the passion in Harry’s voice and he was dead serious the whole time he spoke. "You really believe in me, don’t you?"

"Of course I do. You not only believe in me, but you are willing to help me. I like you for all those reasons and more. You have helped me in getting over Sirius. I am not there yet, but you have gotten me to where I am. Thank you."

"You are welcome but back to us. I enjoy being with you, Harry. You make me happy, in more ways than one." Tonks smiled seductively then giggled. "I am not about to let you go this easily. Remember, I do many things that I am told not to do."

Feeling playful and more self-assured than he had in years, Harry made a comment. "You shouldn’t kiss me again. It is a very bad thing to do, Nymphadora." Harry watched as Tonks smiled and stretched up to kiss him. Their lips met and images of earlier swam to the forefront of his mind. Harry forced himself to concentrate on the present and remember the rest later when he had time.

They kissed for a few minutes before Harry felt his body react again. Tonks shifted to give Harry some room for himself and continued kissing. She lessened her kisses until they were very light. She pulled back and gazed into Harry’s eyes. "You can call me Nymphadora when we are alone if you want. It sounds nice coming from you. I have enough names to remember without you coming up with another one."

"Thank you, Nymphadora. Your help and friendship means a lot to me." His playful mood returning, Harry added, "and snogging you is a bit of alright too." Harry rolled over, dumping Tonks off, and slipped out of the bed. He moved back to the door and waited for the attack. It never came but a few giggles did from the roll of sheets. "What is so funny?"

"Look for yourself," Tonks said peeking out of a fold in the sheets. Harry looked down and saw what was so funny. His blush returned full strength and he spun to hide the front of his boxers.

"When you are finished laughing at me, could you hand me my wand?" Harry said.

"I get you off once and you forget you can summon your wand on your own. Which part do we need to practice, do you think?"

Harry hung his head in embarrassment. He summoned his wand into his hand instantly and cast the Cleaning Charm on his clothing. He sighed then turned around and faced the still laughing woman in his bed. As her giggles subsided, she began unwrapping herself from the sheets. Finally, she threw off the sheet completely and watched Harry’s eyes bulge a little among other things as well.

"Like what you see?" She asked teasingly moving her arm above her head and moving her legs slightly apart.

Harry controlled himself and then started to laugh. Tonks sexy smile dropped into a confused look. "What is so funny, mister?" Harry laughed even harder forcing him to make his way to his desk so he could sit down.

Tonks was really worried now. She looked at her breasts and saw that they were as covered as they were going to get. She sat up a little and looked down at her underwear. The green lace panties were in place, but there was a white spot showing just how excited Tonks had been during their activities. Tonks thought of getting embarrassed but chose to push the limits even further with Harry.

"It is just proof you can satisfy a woman. Do you want to try again, Harry? Maybe we could try to wake up your relatives this time. I think we have enough time for another tumble." Tonks watched as all humor left Harry’s face. Desire and eagerness replaced the smile for a few seconds before Harry became serious.

"I joke about sex, Harry. Get used to it. I am serious in a way, but we should get ready to leave soon. Friday’s are short days for us. We usually only stay until lunch then we enjoy the rest of our day doing our own thing. I am sure Horace wants to finish up his lesson on transportation from yesterday. You should have the portkey thing down now so you should move on to Apparition next. Think what fun you can have with that."

Tonks slid out of the bed slowly letting Harry watch every movement carefully. She let her legs dangle for a short time before standing up. She looked into his eyes until he met her gaze. "Keep your mind on the task at hand while working, Harry. I will always be there at the end of the day for you to play with when you are done."

"You aren’t a plaything, Tonks. You are a friend of mine. I don’t see you as a toy."

"You had better see me as something to play with some of the time, Harry, or we will have words." Tonks let a smile grow on her face. "And it is Nymphadora when we are alone, Harry."

"Yes, Nymphadora, I will remember."

Tonks turned and bent over to retrieve things from her hidden bag of clothing. She heard Harry take a deep breath through his teeth when she bent over. ‘I love doing that to him. He will be so much fun this summer. At least I am not frustrated like I was last night. He has skills, that is for sure, but practice make perfect.’

Tonks picked out her daywear and threw on her cloak so there wouldn’t be a repeat of the previous day’s morning-encounter with Petunia. ‘Once is more than enough and this time she could see that something happened, and happen it did, oh baby.’

Harry watched her leave the room and disappear from view. He fell back on to his bed and covered his eyes. ‘What did I just get myself into? What is going on here? Damn she is hot… Bugger, I can’t even keep my mind off her when she isn’t in the room. Is this a good thing to do? I don’t know, but I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.’

Harry sat up and decided he should get tidy up his room while he had the time. He located all of his dirty clothes and dumped them into a pile in the corner. His books were straightened and his quill set organized. Harry looked around his room and saw that Hedwig was in her cage staring at him with an odd look.

"What did I do, Hedwig?" She didn’t respond. "Fine, what did I forget to do?" Hedwig ruffled her feathers a little but kept her place. "Stuffed it up real good this time then, I am sorry Hedwig. Please forgive me and tell me what you need." The owl dipped her head in the direction of the food and water dishes. "Oh shit. How long has it been, girl?"

Harry opened his trunk and found a bag of treats and some owl food. He gave Hedwig two treats ignoring the pain when she ‘accidentally’ nipped his fingers. Harry grabbed the water tray and left his room in search of water. With the bathroom occupied by Tonks, Harry went to the kitchen. He entered the room and filled the dish from the tap. He bounded up the stairs, into his room again, and slid the tray towards Hedwig.

She looked at him and then at the bottom of her cage. Getting the hint, Harry Vanished the waste with his wand. For the first time since he saw her that morning, Hedwig relaxed and took a drink. "I am sorry, girl. I guess I have been a little preoccupied lately."

"And I heard every sound of it too, Potter."

Harry spun on his heels and leveled his wand at the blob in the doorway. "Bugger off, Dud," Harry snapped. "I haven’t the time for you right now."

Dudley was wearing a t-shirt that barely fit him and sweatpants that were at their very limits to contain his girth. "Why? Off to shag your woman somewhere else? I heard you through the wall, well her anyway. Thought you weren’t shagging her."

"You know thinking isn’t your best quality, Dud. Maybe you should leave that for others to do. Just be the muscle and everything will be alright."

"Give me one good reason not to tell Mum."

"I don’t give a shit if you do tell her, Dud. I do not care what she thinks or what she expects. My life is my life and she has nothing to say about it."

"I could tell Dad. It would be fun to watch him beat you up again."

"And I would drop him like the sack of shite that he is. If you really want to see your own father hurt, by all means, tell him. I am done letting others run my life. Get in my way, Dudley, and I will run you over. Do not test me on this. Another thing, hassle Tonks at all, and I will break every bone in your body. That is a promise." Harry lowered his wand and turned back to his dirty clothes and cast the Cleaning Charm on them. He started hanging them up or folding them so they could be put away.

Dudley stood in the doorway and watched as Harry moved about the room confidently. His little piggy eyes followed every movement and every action closely. Something had changed about Harry and he didn’t know what it was. "What is different about you? Something isn’t right and I don’t know what it is."

                      Harry stopped cleaning his room and turned to his massive cousin. "Like I said, thinking isn’t your strong point. I am the same as I always have been. I may just be more like I am at school right now then how I usually am here. Get used to the change because I am not going back to how it was before. I am what I am, Dud."

Dudley was about to make a comment, but a sharp jab from a wand in his back silenced him. "Budge over you great lump." Tonks slipped in the room quickly and ignored the shocked look on Dudley’s face. "Harry, you cleaned your room. How nice. After we are done at work, I will take you to my place so you can clean it as well. I am not a very tidy person if you couldn’t tell."

"Not in the slightest, Nymphadora." Harry ducked when she threw her dirty clothes at him. "That is for your cheek, Harry. Now, be a good boy and clean those too. I am running out of clothes over here and I doubt you want me walking around your room naked tomorrow." Tonks looked up from her nearly empty bag and saw the look on Harry’s face. "Then again, you probably do want me walking around your room naked. Oh well, I guess I will play it by ear."

"Are you going to leave soon, Dud?" Harry asked showing his displeasure at Dudley’s presence. "I have a few things to take care of and it would be best if you weren’t here for them." Harry watched as Dudley backed out of his room and walked down the hallway. Harry closed the door and let out a breath. "He heard us, Nymphadora."

"He heard what, Harry?" Tonks gave a big smile and waited for Harry to answer.

"You love this, don’t you?"

"What?" Tonks asked innocently. "Making you embarrassed? Most definitely. Teasing you? Yep, that too. Reminding you of this morning? Anytime I can get away with it safely." Tonks saw that Harry wasn’t exactly enjoying her humor this early in the morning. "Oh, Harry, let it go. Don’t worry about that worthless git. He is an idiot and I doubt he would say anything to anyone. Now, take your shower so we can leave and be sure to bring your vault key in case we have time to go shopping."

Harry left the room and returned ten minutes later. He found Tonks sitting on his bed humming to herself. "Keeping busy, Nymphadora?"

Tonks sat up and smiled brightly. "The more you say it the more I like hearing it. Yes, I am keeping myself busy. Now, create the portkey so we can leave this ever so pleasant location."

Harry picked up one of his used quills from its arranged location on his desk and tapped it with his wand. It turned blue for a second before he extended it for Tonks to grab. She grabbed it with her right hand and flipped up her hood. Harry copied her actions and waited for the timer to go off. The tug signaled the beginning of the trip and Harry readied himself for another day of abuse and anger. He arrived in the atrium of the Ministry and saw a group of people waiting to pass through the checkpoint.

Tonks didn’t hesitate a second before striding past the queue of people. Harry sighed and followed Tonks to the front of the queue. A few people mumbled something, but no one said anything too loud. The guard was visibly flustered by the number of people waiting and the presence of two Unspeakables didn’t make it any easier for him. Tonks and Harry walked to the lifts and pressed the button. The lift arrived and they proceeded to the ninth floor.

"You know you could have made the portkey take us directly to our level, right?"

"I didn’t know that?" Harry said.

"You made it take you right to the training room yesterday. Why would things be different today?"

"I, I don’t know. I guess I didn’t think about it. "

"All portkeys go through the wards and the wards block anyone who isn’t authorized. You are authorized so why not take advantage of it in the future. Remember, you are an Unspeakable. Being one gives you all sorts of privileges and freedoms. Use them when you need to or what use is it to have them."

"I will try to remember that, Chamel. I am still getting used to the new me so bear with me here."

"No problem. By the way, I like the new you. He is all cute and sexy," Tonks was cheery and Harry couldn’t help but smile at her.

"I doubt Horace will care about that aspect of me." The lift chimed and they exited into the hallway. Tonks opened the door and Harry followed her to the training room. What he saw surprised him a bit.

There were a lot of people here today. Harry could count the number of groups easier than the people. He saw a group that looked like the same three from the day before. He saw two other groups on the far side of the room which looked to have three people each. At the range, he saw at least five people but he wasn’t sure. A loud voice prevented him from counting any further.

"Chamel, Recruit, over here." Horace was in the classroom area of room and he was looking impatient. Harry followed Tonks over there and settled into a chair behind a desk. He pulled out his journal and readied himself to take notes. "How did his portkeys work, Chamel?"

"Like they were supposed to, Horace. Did you have any doubts?"

"Of course I did. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t doubt the fact that the recruits can even feed themselves without proper training. Now, today I want you to master Apparition. You have the whole coordinate thing down so this shouldn’t be too difficult. There are a few types of Apparition; self, forced, and side-along. The first is self-explanatory. The second is where you drag an unwilling or unconscious person with you while Apparating. The unwilling can fight you so it is a battle of wills mostly. You must overpower the other while Apparating. We do not advise you to do this until you are very comfortable with the process. If the person is unconscious, then it is almost like side-along only a little more difficult. Side-along is what parents do, if they can, with their children. The traveler is willing and doesn’t fight the effort to Apparate.

"Now, you will yourself from one location to another. It is just like the Portus spell only you are the object being moved not something else. There is no incantation and you must concentrate, fully, or you will leave a bit of yourself behind. This is painful for you and funny for me. The key in this exercise is to bore me to death. No splinching or I will take my time fixing you. You will feel like you are being squeezed through a hose or a very tight space. The smoother you are at this, the less noise you will make when you appear at your destination. A near silent Apparition will earn you a bar for stealth alone. Make this skill a priority for you to master. Range is based on your skill and power. Now, focus on your destination and will yourself to the location."

Horace walked away from the classroom area and stopped beyond the doorway and placed an X on the floor. He looked at Harry and nodded with a scowl. He turned and ventured over to the range and started barking out orders and criticism. Harry looked at Tonks and she smiled at him.

"Go ahead and give it a try. I will be over at the range working on my aim. I have to keep up with you don’t I? It takes awhile to get anywhere with this so don’t get discouraged if you find yourself in the same place after an hour or so." Tonks turned and joined the others at the range.

Harry turned and looked at the X on the floor a distance away. He ran through the instructions in his head and tried to apply the same technique he used with portkeys. After half an hour of focusing, visualizing, swearing, and grunting; Harry had yet to move and inch. ‘Bollocks!’

Tonks was firing off spell after spell and she couldn’t get any better than an 84 on accuracy. ‘How does he get 80’s and 90’s consistently? I could spend every day here and never get those scores, not to mention I am hopelessly behind in power. Mid-70’s are the best I seem to do with the occasional 80’s on certain ones. I could knock down a door, but he could knock down a whole house. I wonder if he could take on a dragon.’ Tonks continued firing for what seemed like an eternity until she felt a tap on her shoulder. She saw Marcus standing next to her and he waved her over to an unused corner of the room.

When they reached it, Marcus put up a Privacy Dome and spoke. "I asked what was going on with Harry yesterday and then I see you sleeping his bed. What is going on and do I have to be more concerned than I already am?"

"You what? What were you doing last night at Harry’s house?"

"My job, Chamel. It is my job to make sure these teams work and there are no problems internally. You know the past results from inter-team relations. They do not work. They get people killed. Who am I going to bury this time? You, Cal, Harry? Who?"

"None of us, Marcus. As bad as it is that you were spying on us, at Harry’s no less, we are fine. We are going to see where this takes us and that is that. I am happy and you should be happy for me." Tonks was trying to control her anger but she didn’t want to lose whatever it was she had with Harry. He made her feel good about herself in a way she had never felt with someone. The anguish showed on her face.

A very soft pop sounded from behind Marcus and he spun around, wand out. Harry grabbed the wand in his left hand and aimed his wand at Marcus’s throat. "What is going on, Chamel?"

Marcus saw first hand what Horace had been trying to describe. He saw Harry’s eyes and determination was what shone brightly in them. He felt the raw power emanating from Harry as well. He waited for Tonks to answer and left his wand comfortably in Harry’s grasp.

"He was asking me about you, Harry. He has a problem with us becoming involved like I said earlier. I told him that everything is fine and it wouldn’t be a problem for us."

"Is that alright with you, Marcus?" Harry asked. His eyes were still sharp and he was ready to fight in an instant.

"I reserve the right to bring this up at a later time, but right now I see no problem with your current arrangement, Praeceps."

"Praeceps?" Harry questioned.

"Yes, that is your name, Praeceps. Let’s shorten it to Ceps. It means dangerous in Latin and right now, with your wand ready to strike me down, I think it fits you quite well. I doubt Horace could think of a more fitting name. If I am not mistaken, you weren’t here a moment ago and now you are. Does this mean you have Apparated successfully?"

"I guess so," Harry said noncommittally deciding to describe the feeling. "I felt like I couldn’t breathe and was being forced through too-small-a-space if that helps."

"You Apparated alright, Ceps," said Marcus as happily as he could with a wand less than an inch from his jugular. "You were nearly silent as well. I think Horace will want to perfect your execution of this skill. Now, if I may, I must return to less exhilarating efforts."

Marcus stepped back and put his wand away. He nodded to Harry and Tonks and left the room. Horace had watched the entire exchange from the range and wondered what had happened. He knew Harry had Apparated because the room’s wards notified him of the spell occurring. As he walked over to Harry, a Message spell from Marcus filled in all the blanks.

"I see you finally managed to Apparate after, an hour," Horace said after checking his watch. "Congratulations and all that. Now, do it faster and quieter. Move!" Horace walked away and left Harry to figure out how to accomplish what he was told.

Most of the morning disappeared and Harry had barely found his way concerning Apparition. He had found that as similar as it was supposed to be to portkey creation, it wasn’t. He had tried many different techniques but nothing seemed to work very well.

"You will figure it out, Ceps," Tonks said quietly. "Again, everyone is different and this usually takes people awhile to master. At least your portkeys are spot on if you need to get somewhere."

"I don’t understand," Harry said frustrated. "I did this earlier why can’t I do it now?"

"Easy," Tonks said acting like it was the easiest thing in the world to figure out. "There is no damsel in distress so you are thinking too hard. Just let it happen, will yourself to where you want to be."

"Ceps," Horace made his presence known, "You are a pathetic failure at Apparition so we will move on to something else. You told me that you have been under the Imperius Curse before and I want to see it for myself. On guard!" Horace drew his wand and cast the spell instantly.

Harry had no time for a wand so he threw up an Absolvo shield and jumped backwards rolling away from Horace. The curse struck the shield but penetrated almost hitting Harry. As Harry was planting his feet, he drew his wand and pointed it at Horace but saw he was no longer there. A quick scan of the room told Harry that the room was gone and he was in a large grass field. ‘God dammit. Doesn’t he ever get tired of fighting?’

Harry moved away from his current position and began his retreat turning his head constantly. ‘Bugger, why do I always forget to use what I have?’ Harry tapped his cloak and disappeared. He cast a Silencing spell on his feet and looked for any clear spot amongst the grass so he wouldn’t create an extremely visible void. There were no trees but the field had a few small rises to use as cover. Harry started moving towards them but kept a sharp eye out of any threat.

A good thirty yards away from the hills, Harry felt the attack begin. He dove to the side and put up his Absolvo shield as a spell flew past him. He started firing Reductors and Cutting Curses in the direction of the attackers. He knew there was more than one but less than four by counting the number of spells flying at him at one time. Most were the Imperius Curse but a few twisting red curses were thrown in for good measure as the volleys continued.

Harry returned fire switching to the bone curses. He heard one opponent go down with a scream. Harry was worried about his sanity when he rejoiced at hearing the scream. ‘I am not like him. I do not enjoy the pain of others. I am only happy because there is one less enemy. That is all there is to it.’

Moving quickly to the hills and finding a good location to view the field, Harry waited for the next wave. He strengthened his Silencing spell and watched the grass for any movement. Nothing happened for a few minutes and he was getting worried. ‘I hope I didn’t really hurt the guy. I know this is just a test, but I don’t want to hurt people I work with… He attacked me with Crucio and I returned fire. I will not feel bad about it. Voldemort doesn’t have any sympathy and I can’t beat him by wasting my time feeling sorry for everyone who tries to hurt me. This may just be training, but it is real enough and should be treated as such. Now where are they?’

Harry came up with a quick plan and executed it. "Accio Unspeakable." Harry summoned whoever was to his right. A shape came flying towards Harry from fifty feet away. He stunned the man and let him crumple into the ground upon landing. A spell shot at him from the left and center forcing Harry to dive out of the way. A third spell, from the top of the hill, struck Harry in the back while he was on the ground.

Immediately, Harry felt a calm wash over him and a voice told him to lower his wand and surrender. Harry fought the voice and regained his feet and turned to meet the attacker. A second person cancelled the invisibility charm on Harry’s cloak and the third person joined the second in an offensive formation.

"Drop your wand, Ceps!" Ordered the first man.

"No!" Said Harry refusing to comply with the spell and order. His mind was fighting off the effects of the spell. He had almost beaten it when the second man cast the same spell on Harry. Harry now had two people ordering him to lower his wand and he was fighting the spells as hard as he could.

"I will not surrender my wand," Harry choked out. He was resisting and gaining some ground in throwing off the spells. The third person cast the spell too adding even more force against Harry’s mind. Harry’s knees buckled under the sheer presence of three people ordering him to do the same thing.

The fight in his mind seemed to last forever. Harry fought off the calm feeling and tried to remain in reality. ‘If Voldemort can’t beat you, then these three can’t either.’ The voice in the back of Harry’s mind was shouting over the other voices keeping him in control. Finally, Harry managed to stand and bring his wand to bear on the third person.

"Ossis Fragmen," Harry whispered. The man dove away from the vicious spell and his curse was broken. With that pressure lifted, Harry turned on the others and quickly broke their spells as well. No one was hit by Harry’s attacks because they were so far away and could react in time to avoid them. Harry willed himself to move away from his current location as fast and as silently as he could. He felt the squeezing sensation and appeared behind the first man without a sound.

Harry lifted his wand and stunned the man with a direct hit to his head. The other two heard the man fall and fired spells at Harry rapidly. Harry willed himself behind the others and he appeared where he wanted to be. Another two quick stunners and Harry was alone in the field with three fallen opponents. Harry looked at his enemies and took a deep breath to regain some much needed oxygen.

The feeling of danger caused Harry to roll away as a twisting, red bolt of light soared over him. Harry got to his feet and saw a black cloaked figure twenty feet away. The bone-white mask told Harry that he was facing a Death Eater and that this was for real. All thoughts of training evaporated and he fell into survival mode like he had so many times before.

The Death Eater fired the Killing Curse at Harry and he dove away. From his place on the ground, Harry fired the Cruciatus Curse and missed the target by inches. Another Killing Curse forced Harry to retreat and move to the side. With few thoughts in his head, Harry chose to attack with everything he had.

Harry let lose with every violent spell he could think of. He was pouring his magic into each one and the Death Eater was diving away or throwing up a shield as often as the spells came. A few Crucio’s and a Killing Curse later, Harry had to fight fire with fire. He limited himself to the Cruciatus Curse and continued fighting for his life. The minutes passed and the Death Eater was still fighting hard.

"She will be next, Boy. I will kill her after I am done playing with her first," said the robed figure. The voice sounded like Lucius Malfoy but Harry wasn’t sure. "I will tear her heart out and watch her choke on it."

In his mind, Harry saw Tonks dying the way the man described. He didn’t know how it happened, but he saw, heard, and felt Tonks dying before him. Scared, confused, and overwhelmed, Harry aimed his wand and unleashed a spell. He wanted to stop the Death Eater for good and never have him threaten Tonks’ life again. He said the words and watched a vile, writhing, sickly-green jet of light erupt from his wand and strike the Death Eater in the chest.

The figure dropped to the ground limply and didn’t move. Harry stared at the man for a second then scanned the field for any other attackers. He tried to summon anyone who was there, but no one appeared. The scene disappeared and the training room replaced it.

In a small group sat the other Unspeakables and a few were looking a little groggy as they wobbled in their seats. The others were motionless and Horace was standing off to the side. "You finally get Apparition down and manage to cast the Killing Curse too. Maybe you aren’t so worthless after all."

Harry saw red at those words. He wanted to hurt Horace more than ever. He had just cast the Killing Curse on another and Horace acts like it was a normal day. Harry felt his magic writhing around inside of him and it wanted an outlet. Harry took a few steps towards Horace and raising his wand.

"Ceps," a figure moved in front of Harry and it sounded like Tonks. "It was only a test and you did well. Nothing was real, nothing really happened except for the three you stunned and poor Michael with a broken shoulder. Calm down. I am fine. You are fine."

"I cast the Killing Curse for the first time," Harry said dangerously. "How should I be feeling? I wanted to kill the Death Eater and as far as I was concerned, I did. I am no better than him now. I am just like him. He told me I was just like him and now I proved him right. I am just as evil as he is."

Tonks was shocked by what Harry had said. She grabbed his arm and pulled the unwilling teenager off to the side. She threw up a Privacy Dome and proceeded to question him. "What do you mean you are like him? You are nothing like him."

"I wanted to kill and I would have done it. I was happy when I heard that guy scream from my spell."

"Michael let his guard down because you are the new guy and he got himself hurt. They were there to curse you and beat you down. You did what you needed to do to survive. You only used the Killing Curse when Horace directed the room to threaten my life. I have seen people kill in battle before. The ones who enjoy it get a smile on their face. You didn’t smile at all. Your face became blank and I knew you weren’t thinking. You were reacting and that would have saved your life, Harry.

"No matter what happens, you fight to stay alive. We are at war. You know this better than anyone else and you have to stay alive. If you kill some Death Eater to stay alive, then you did the right thing. Never doubt that fact because they won’t. You can do whatever you need to do to stay alive if your life is threatened. I am proud of you for the fact that you survive when others want you dead not because you can kill someone. Now, calm down and let’s go back to the group."

Tonks dropped the dome and pulled Harry over the group. They were talking amongst themselves until Harry and Tonks rejoined them. Marcus was at the back of the rows and nodded to Horace. Horace nodded in return and walked over to Harry.

"Rules of engagement and the Unspeakables, Ceps. Number one; you go home at the end of the day. Whatever you need to do to get there, you do it. Rule number two; your team goes home at the end of the day. They are second only to yourself. The mission is third in priority. Rule number three; if they use the Killing Curse, you use the Killing Curse. Do not hesitate. Make the bastards die for their own cause and you live for yours. Rule number four; always win. However you need to do that, find a way. As a team leader, you will need to figure out a way to win. Sometimes, winning is retreating. Rule one is staying alive. Being alive means you are still on the winning side. Dying means you lost. We don’t lose."

Horace drew his wand and found himself staring down the shaft of Harry’s instantly. "Easy there, Ceps. We are on the same side even though I don’t act like it. Just an adjustment to your badge."

Harry lowered his wand but kept the tip pointed at Horace. Horace tapped the badge and mumbled the words allowing him to change it. He worked a bit and stepped back. "Team three remains out of rotation until they are cleared by us. Begin working together next week, Three, I want you ready to go in less than a month." Horace nodded to Harry, Tonks, and Cal before heading for the door.

Harry looked down and saw changes had been made to his badge. The top still had one pip, but there were two additional pips that were ghost images. He had the Roman numeral three in the black square marking him as a member of Tonks’ team. His bars had changed as well. He had six red instead of five. He gained one blue to reach five. His green and yellow remained at six and zero respectively, but purple gained one to stand at three. The black field had the largest increase. He had six bars were he had four previously.

Harry looked into Tonks’ face and shrugged his shoulders. She placed a hand on him and directed him to their team room which was in room number twelve. Once Cal entered the room, the door closed and Tonks pulled off her hood. "Cal knows who I really am, Ceps. I trust him with my life and have done so for two years. You can make your own choice on whether or not you wish to tell him who you really are. Now, what questions do you have?"

"Tonks, what just happened out there?"

"Ceps, you showed Horace that you can do what needs done and you aren’t going to get hung up by the rules. I knew you were going to do it sooner or later but you proved to him you can do it now. You fought off not only one Imperius Curse, but three of them from three of the best operatives we have. That alone got you one bar. If you can cast the spell, I am sure you will get the last one.

"You need to work on your speed with the Killing Curse too. You took too long getting to the point where you would use it. In our line of work if someone tries to kill you, you do not hesitate in killing them. We play for keeps and our lives are the main prize. You master those two spells, and you will be a seven. Just so you know, no one messes with a seven-black operative during a real mission.

"You used a wider variety of offensive and defensive spells. I doubt you realized that many of them were wandless too." Harry shook his head. "I figured as much. All of your shields were wandless and you were firing spells at the same time. That is the reason you got another red and blue bar. You are within reach of three sevens and you are only in your third day. I knew you could do all this, but you just needed the proper motivation."


"If they hadn’t attacked you, would you have been able to fight like that? You train fine, but you excel when you are fighting for real or at least when you think it is real. Like I have said before, you don’t think, you just do. You are going to be our team leader once we figure out how to work together."

"What? I am the new guy. One of you should lead."

"Nope," Cal interjected. "I am support, plain and simple. I can’t lead a team. Chamel is not a leader either. She works better from the sidelines. You, my boy, are the real deal. You jump up and charge ahead. We can hold you back when we need to, but we can’t force you to the front. You have the ability and drive to lead. That is why you are the soon-to-be three-pip."

"But I don’t know anything."

"Maybe not," Cal said smiling, "But you sure fake it well. Well enough that I will follow you. Now if you don’t mind, I am looking forward to the rest of my Friday off. Cheers, teammates." Cal turned and left the room closing the door behind him.

"He is an idiot to follow me anywhere," Harry said out loud.

"Then I am an idiot as well," Tonks said jokingly. "I will follow you, Harry, because that is what you bring out of people. You are a natural leader. People listen to you."

"No one has ever listened to me. The Dursley’s, Dumbledore, hell most of the school didn’t believe me. Only Hermione believed that didn’t enter myself into the Tri-wizard tournament just to name one time someone listened to me."

"I didn’t know you then, but I would have believed you." Tonks leaned forward and kissed Harry on the lips forcefully. She let the kiss progress until she started getting too warm. "Now, I think we should enjoy our day and get you some clothes. I am not going to keep you locked up in the Dursleys’ on the weekends. We are going to have fun like a teenager should."

"But you aren’t a teenager, Nymphadora."

"True, but I act like one often enough that I still count as one." She stuck her tongue out as she sprung up from her position and pulled Harry to his feet. She looked at him and removed her cloak. Harry’s eyes widened as he saw that she was wearing a very tight, pink tank top and nicely fitting muggle pants. "We will Apparate from here to the Apparition spot in Diagon Alley. You know where that is, right?"

Harry forced himself to concentrate on the question and not on Tonks. "I know where the spot is, but I don’t know if I can Apparate there."

"Sure you can, Harry. Just do it and join me." She watched the doubt on Harry’s face. "If you get there in one piece, I promise you a long kiss later."

Harry managed to regain some control of his mind. "Only one kiss?"

"Considering how every other kiss between us turns into a soft-core porno, I am sure you will get more than just one kiss out of the arrangement. Now dump the cloak and let’s go."

Harry followed Tonks lead and put his Unspeakable cloak in the trunk, reshrunk it, and placed it in his pocket. Tonks looked him up and down with an exacting eye. "You need clothes desperately. It is about time you leave the rest of the Dursley era behind you."

"Whatever. I have no clue what to do about clothes. I will just have to follow your advice, but before you go all crazy I am not into wild colors for myself. They work for you, but I stand out enough as is without showing off."

"Spoil-sport," Tonks chided and stuck her tongue out at him. "To Diagon Alley for money, clothes, and a little bit of trouble if we are lucky." She disappeared with a softer crack.

‘Here we go.’ Harry said and willed himself to the Apparition point. After a few seconds of trying he felt the pressing sensation and saw that he had, indeed, appeared in Diagon Alley. A warm hand briefly rubbed the back of his neck as he saw Tonks behind him.

"Good job appearing quietly and facing away from the alley. I don’t think anyone noticed you arrive. Now, we should go to Gringotts so I can get some money to pay for your clothes."

"I have money, Nymphadora. You don’t have to pay for me."

"Well, I don’t know how much you have so we will go to yours first and then I can take out however much more I think we will need. This is a treat of mine so don’t you ruin it, young man." Tonks was trying to be serious but the smirk gave her away. "I am in a playful mood right now so you will just have to pretend that I was being stern with you."

"Whatever you say, Nymphadora," Harry said softly earning a smile and puckered lips.

"I will keep my promise, but not here. We are a little too public even for my tastes. Now let’s get moving before the shops start closing."

"Ah, the shops don’t close until at least five o’clock, right?" Harry asked.

"Correct," Tonks said pulling Harry down the mostly empty street.

"It is around noon, right?"

"Right again, Harry. Do you need a watch too?"

"Actually, I do, but why would we need to be concerned about the shops closing when we have at least five hours before we need to start worrying?"

"Oh, it will take us at least that long to get our shopping done, Harry. You need a full wardrobe." Harry swallowed nervously and looked for an escape route. The effort caught Tonks eye. "Oh no you don’t. No running away from me. You are in this until the end. It is only shopping. You like shopping."

"I think you have me confused with a girl, Nymphadora," Harry said in a deadpanned tone. "I get what I need then leave. I have never been shopping for myself outside of when Hagrid took me before my first year and Molly for my second."

"Well, then it is about time you bought yourself something nice isn’t it?" Tonks replied undaunted. Harry had kept his eyes fixed on his minder as she drug him through the alley to the bank. Only when she started up the steps did Harry realize they were at the bank already. A quick look behind him showed the mostly empty alley had missed the fact that Harry Potter had come to visit.

The doors opened and they entered the lobby. More people were in the bank than walking around the alley. A few lines had formed and Tonks went to stand in the shortest one. Harry followed her and stood next to her for a few minutes trying to be as inconspicuous as possible while standing next to a person wearing a bright pink shirt.

Harry heard the sound of footsteps coming from behind him so he turned to look in that direction. He saw a familiar goblin, Griphook, carrying an official letter in his long fingers. When Harry decided Griphook was walking towards him, Harry nudged Tonks in the side.

"Hello, Griphook," Harry said to the shocked goblin.

"You remember me, Mr. Potter?"

"Yes, you were really the first goblin that I had ever met. Why wouldn’t I remember you?"

"You are a human, Mr. Potter," Griphook said as if everything was explained. "Doesn’t that answer your question?"

"Not really, but I am used to that by now." Harry did his best to restrain his displeasure from showing itself.

"Mr. Potter, I have a letter for you from Director Ragnok. If you have any business to conduct, please approach the head teller station for service." Griphook bowed his head slightly and walked to the rear of the bank disappearing behind a gilded door.

Harry looked at the envelope before breaking the Gringotts’ seal and opening it. He pulled the letter out and read the formal and fancy writing. Harry’s mood dropped instantly and Tonks took notice of it. She leaned over his shoulder and saw enough to understand what the letter was about.

Harry finished reading and folded up the note. He returned it to the envelope and sighed. "I don’t want any of it. I just want him back."

"I know, Harry, but we both know that isn’t going to happen. Take whatever he wanted to give you and enjoy it. Spend the money on stupid things and wreak havoc with the other things. That is what Sirius would have wanted. Now, on with our day. We might as well take advantage of the perks of you being you and get helped right now."

Tonks directed Harry to the head teller station drawing the attention of a few people in the other lines. Harry stowed his letter and looked up at the goblin staring down at him. The goblin looked older than Griphook and he had white hair protruding from his ears. His expression never changed as he kept his eyes on Harry and Harry alone.

"I would like to go to my vault, sir," Harry said handing the goblin his key.

The goblin looked the key over with an exacting eye. "Of course, Mr. Potter. Does your lady friend have any business with us today?"

"I may, but it depends on how much Harry has in his vault. He is going shopping and he is doing it right this time." Tonks kept the smile on her face as the goblin checked a ledger.

"Unless Mr. Potter is shopping for a moderately-sized estate, I am sure you will not need to assist him with your own money." The goblin pressed a button and the rear doors opened and Griphook returned to the lobby. "Griphook will assist you in your business today, Mr. Potter. Good day to you."

Harry followed Griphook into the rear of the bank and to an awaiting cart. Tonks joined them on the neck-breaking ride into the bowels on the bank. Harry sat quietly as Tonks whooped beside him. On one sharp turn, Tonks leaned over and gave Harry a very tongue-filled kiss trying to break his dismal mood. For the first time since he received the letter, Harry smiled.

"That one doesn’t count, does it?" Harry asked hopefully.

"Nah, that one was a freebie, Harry."

They arrived at vault number 687. Harry handed his key over to Griphook and the goblin opened the vault. When the door swung open, Harry entered and started throwing galleons into his money pouch. Tonks stayed out of the vault but looked inside.

"No shit I don’t need to use my own money. You are loaded Harry. Not even out of school and you have more money than most of the Wizarding populous. If you want to buy me a Christmas present, I like Witch’s Wear Unmentionables. A gift certificate is more than fine for me."

"I will remember that, Nymphadora." Once Harry had filled his bag with numerous coins, he left the vault and got back into the cart. With the vault sealed and secured, the goblin directed the cart to the surface. Harry joined Tonks in expressing his enjoyment on the return trip.

Once the cart had stopped at the return point, Harry offered Tonks his hand helping her out of the cart. When they neared the door, Harry counted out ten galleons and handed them to Griphook.

"Thank you, Griphook, and whatever happened down there never really happened, right?"

"Mr. Potter," Griphook stated offering the coins back. "All business inside the walls of Gringotts is kept in the strictest of confidence. Anything else occurred while business was in-process."

Harry merely smiled and said, "All the same, thank you." Harry turned and walked through the opening door accompanied by a confused Tonks.

"Harry, why did you give him money?"

"If I have so much of it, then I plan on keeping my dealings as secret as possible. It was only ten galleons and if that keeps certain people from finding out we were here together then it is more than worth it."

"We aren’t exactly being secret walking around Diagon Alley like this. Certain people are bound to find out sooner or later." They walked down the steps and Tonks led them to Madam Malkin’s.

"True, but I am sure Dumbledore has some leverage with the goblins. This way, at least the finer points are kept hidden from others."

"Look at you," Tonks said giving Harry a fake admiring gaze. "You get a taste of cloak and dagger, literally, and you get all Slytherin on me. My little boy is growing up so fast." Tonks wiped away a fake tear with her hand. Harry grimaced for the first time in what would be his most common expression for the next four hours.

The hours rolled by very slowly for Harry. Once Tonks grabbed Madam Malkin, herself, she had them all sequestered in a side room. Tonks brought outfits by the armload for Harry to try on. He kept is humor about him for about forty-five minutes, then he became agitated. Tonks was unabashed in her efforts to clothe him. The agitation gave way to apathy at the hour-and-a-half mark. The remainder of the time Harry put on what he was told to and didn’t say one word.

He turned when asked, he stretched when ordered, he even put on the same things multiple times when begged to by a very pathetic-looking metamorph. On Harry’s hundredth or so vocal sigh, Tonks finally relented.

"Fine, Harry, you are done. You hung in there while I played dress-up with you. You might as well put on a new outfit for the rest of the day so we can burn those rags you are wearing." Harry grabbed a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt and entered the changing room which had become a new home for him in the last few hours.

"Are you sure you don’t want to wear a pair of new slacks and a dress shirt?" Tonks asked receiving a snort in return. "Hey, you look sexy in them." Another snort could be heard from the isolated room. "Fine, look like a normal teenager then. See if I care."

Harry dressed and sat down to slip on his new trainers. The boots he had worn had been put in his work trunk along with all of the other clothes he had purchased. The tags had been removed by Madam Malkin as he, or rather Tonks, had decided they were good. Shoe strings tied, Harry relaxed for a second and assessed the day.

‘I learn to Apparate, I try to kill someone, I get in another fight that ends up being another test, I am the next leader of team three, I have new clothes, and I have to be at Gringotts tomorrow to hear Sirius’s will; not terrible, but not the best day I have ever had.’ Harry left his sanctuary and returned to the madness of the small room they had been using.

Tonks wasn’t there. Madam Malkin wasn’t there. The door to the small room had been closed and he was all alone. Harry figured something wasn’t right. He drew his wand from the hidden pocket in the side of his jeans that Madam Malkin had added for free because of the large purchase. Harry lowered himself into a defensive position and scanned the room which had a few rows of clothes that had yet to be altered or finished.

Harry waited for something to happen. He heard a very soft sound from the other changing room next to the one he had just left. He slid to the side of the door, against the wall, and took a deep breath. He prepared to open the door and stun the occupant if needed. In one swift motion, he pulled the door open, crouched, and moved to get a good shot off. What he saw stopped him as dead as the Killing Curse could.

Tonks turned away from the mirror she was posing in front of and looked Harry in the eyes. "Did I miss something, Harry? Did you get in another fight and I missed it?" Tonks was smiling widely as she watched Harry’s reaction to the view. She saw the blush rise from his neck and reach his cheeks. Once his ears turned red, she broke the silence. "Do you like it? I was thinking of getting it for a special occasion."

Harry could only stare at the woman in front of him. Tonks was her normal self; brown hair, shapely legs, and large breasts. Her clothing wasn’t the sexy little tank top and pants she had worn to the alley, but a short, very silky, light blue nightie that was form fitting in all the right places. Harry managed to keep a hold of his wand, but he failed at controlling other things.

Tonks playful smile shifted to a sultrier smirk, and she reached out her arm to lightly touch Harry’s chest. "Do you like it, Harry?" Tonks asked in a low seductive voice. She watched Harry fighting to form the words he wished to say. After a few moments, he spoke slowly.

"It is a bit of alright, Nymphadora. What, ah, special occasion were you thinking of?" Harry swallowed and tried to move his eyes up to look Tonks in the face.

"You know, just a special occasion. They happen all the time." Tonks waited to see if Harry was going to do anything else. Surprised by his restraint, Tonks continued with her tease. "So, it is just a bit of alright? Damn, I was hoping for more than that like a ‘very pretty’ or ‘sexy’ or maybe even a ‘damn hot’."

"I think it is safe to say you achieved all of those and then some, Nymphadora." Harry took a deep breath and managed to get his brain working again. He figured out her trick. "You are just teasing me, aren’t you?"

"As you have seen for yourself, Harry, I tease at the beginning but then I fall apart. Normally, this would be the one and only time I would let a guy see this, but I just have a feeling that you will see again and probably quite a bit more. I still owe you a kiss for today and I think I will give you another for how good you were for letting me pick out your clothes. Now, if you can let me change I think you will need a few minutes to compose yourself."

Harry nodded slowly and closed the door to the dressing room. He sat in a chair just outside the room and put his head in hands. He used what little Occlumency he had to regain control over his body and mind.

Leaning back, Harry said aloud, "Sorry about that, Nymphadora. I just came out of the room and everyone was gone so I kind of overreacted. I thought something had happened to you and Madam Malkin."

"No worries, Harry," Tonks answered. "It was fun all the same. You have seen me in my underwear and a t-shirt so this wasn’t much different. Besides, I am glad that you approved of it so much." Tonks giggled when she heard Harry groan in embarrassment.

The door opened again and a fully clothed Tonks emerged. She had the nightie in one hand and the tag in her other. She held it out to Harry, and after a few unspoken head nods, he put it in trunk with the rest of his new clothes.

Once they emerged from the back room, they went to the counter where the rest of Harry’s tags had been tallied up. He grabbed the tag out of Tonks’ hand and dropped it onto the pile. Tonks tried to complain, but Harry raised his hand forestalling her objection. "A Christmas present."

"But Christmas isn’t for months."

"Then a birthday present." Harry didn’t know why she was being such a pain about this. It wasn’t like the few extra galleons were going to matter when he had a full wardrobe to pay for.

"My birthday was a couple months ago, Harry. I can pay for this myself."

"A belated birthday present then. Merlin, you just can’t smile and accept the gift can you."

"Alright, Harry, I will accept the gift from you on one condition, you let me buy dinner."

Harry thought it over and decided that he won out either way. "I accept your terms, Tonks. Where are we going to go then?"

"How about a restaurant here? Have you ever been to one before?"

"If you don’t count Florean’s, then no."

Tonks smiled and listed a place Harry had never heard of. With a shrug of his shoulders, Harry agreed to where ever she wanted. The whole time Madam Malkin had rechecked the total and was waiting for Harry to pay. A glance at the till and Harry opened his money bag. He poured out a pile of coins and quickly counted out the required amount and threw in a few more. With an off-handed comment that he hadn’t been there at all, Harry turned to leave the store with Tonks following in his wake.

The pair reemerged into the alley and found more people moving about but most kept their heads down and their feet moving. Harry allowed Tonks to assume the lead and she aimed him back towards the bank. When they passed Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, Fred was adjusting a multicolored sign announcing a new product for sale. Harry thought of hiding, but when he turned toward Tonks he knew that would be impossible. The pink shirt prevented her from hiding anywhere but Hogsmeade during Valentine’s Day.

Harry counted the seconds until Fred turned around and saw them. He got to six before Fred saw the pair. He only held in his shout when Harry moved forward and shushed him. "Harry, Tonks, what are you doing here? Mum would go spare if she knew you weren’t locked away, erm, protected at that prison, erm, house of your relatives."

"We are enjoying a day of shopping, Weasley twin number one," Tonks answered. "I am Harry’s guard and I guard him where ever he happens to be. He just happens to be here right now so there you go."

"Twin number one, huh?" Fred asked.

"Well, there is only one of you here right now, so yeah, number one works just fine."

"Fred, please don’t tell anyone I was here today. I really don’t need the hassle you know," Harry begged.

"No worries, mate," Fred dismissed Harry’s concerns. "I completely understand. Besides, would I be the type of person who would squeal on someone doing something they weren’t supposed to? Honestly, I thought you knew me better than that." Fred hung his shaking head is shame. "You spend five years teaching these kids right from wrong and what do you get? I am disappointed, Harry. Ron I could understand not having much of a clue, but you were always the smart one of the group. I guess Ginny is the last hope for the Weasley family."

"Hermione is the smart one, I just get lucky," Harry replied.

"Books not make one smart, Harry. Hermione plays by the rules so much I swear if it wasn’t for you she would already have a job with the Ministry oppressing everyone with more rules. Tonks, please save this lost soul from the straight and narrow." Fred dropped to his knees and clasped his hand together pleading with Tonks.

"You are making a scene you git," Harry snapped while scanning the street. "I do not want to be seen and you pull this in the middle of Diagon Alley."

Fred jumped up and smiled widely. "No worries, mate. After the first few days, most of the alley ignores what we do over here. Anyway, I have something for you that we were going to post." Fred dug into his vest pocket and pulled out a Gringotts’ key. "Number 1969, and yes we asked for that number. This is where your share is being deposited."

"Share, what share?" Tonks asked becoming giddy again at the prospect of learning some secret.

"Harry’s share of the profits, of course." Fred didn’t hesitate in answering the question.

"I don’t want a share. That money was a gift and if you want to give it away then give it to your family. I don’t want it."

"Come now Harry," Fred explained. "We are already helping out the family, but your half is still your half."

"Half!" Harry yelled.

"Now who is making the scene?" Fred quipped putting his hand on Harry’s shoulder. "We voted on it and you get half."

"I never voted," Harry said crossing his arms.

"Yes, well, you didn’t make the owners meeting that day so you were a default ‘yes’ vote. Besides, it was a unanimous vote for you getting half."

"Bloody Weasleys," Harry mumbled under his breath.

"Not today, but yesterday for sure," countered Fred. "Finally figured out what was wrong with that candy. Nearly lost Lee in the testing phase. Anyway, you should stop by when you have time and can be seen by others, Harry. You kids have fun." Fred wiggled his eyebrows and Harry and Tonks as he ushered them away.

"Fred will keep his mouth shut and not say a word," Harry repeated to himself over and over.

"What is the big deal, Harry?" Tonks asked innocently. "Don’t want to be seen with me?"

"No, it is the fact that if Dumbledore or even Molly hears about this they will lock me away for ‘my own protection’."

"Think nothing of it, Harry, I will be the one getting yelled at for letting you out. I am the guard after all. Besides," Tonks said with a giggle. "Dung’s shift started twenty minutes ago." Tonks proceeded to laugh at the situation.

Harry tried to stay worried, but with Tonks laughing the way she was he couldn’t do it. Finally a smile broke out on his face and Harry couldn’t keep the chuckle inside. They walked down the alley and turned the corner that Tonks pointed out. They continued past some clubs and other nightspots that Harry thought looked pretty interesting from the outside.

Tonks pulled his arm toward a darker lit building covered in old-looking wood. There was a name plate near the doorway, but you could only read the words from a certain angle and Harry only saw curly letters before he was pulled inside. The entrance way was adorned in the same wood as outside and had marble floors. Harry’s only thought was that this was an expensive place.

A man met them right inside the door and he was already looking down his nose at them. "May I help you?"

Harry knew they weren’t wanted judging by the man’s reaction. Harry looked at his clothes and figured the t-shirt was definitely a reason for that. Harry saw the look the man was giving Tonks in her pink tank top and it wasn’t pleasant.

"Yes, you can help us," Harry said directly to the man. "I would like a table, away from the crowd." The man shifted his disapproving glare from Tonks, who was looking around oblivious to the situation, to Harry.

He looked ready to make a comment, but paused as the dim light caught the scar on Harry’s forehead. The man stepped back and seemed to change his demeanor instantly. "Right this way, sir."

"I thought so," Harry said exposing his contempt for the man. ‘If Tonks wants to eat here, then we eat here and this guy isn’t going to ruin it.’

  They walked deeper into the restaurant and turned a corner coming to a door marked ‘VIP’. Harry noticed the stares they received when they walked past the occupied tables. He kept his eyes on Tonks hoping that she wouldn’t notice how unwelcome they seemed to be. The man opened the door and led them into the even better furnished room.

Harry followed the man to the booth he had chosen and let Tonks take her seat first. Harry slid into the opposite side and waited to see what would happen. The man produced leather-bound menus and a wine list before bowing low and retreating from the room. Harry opened the menu and scanned the items available for selection. The one thing he noticed immediately was the lack of prices on the menus. In his time at the Dursleys, he knew what that meant, expensive.

Harry looked up and found Tonks gazing into his eyes wearing an excited expression. "Thank you for taking care of the idiot, Harry. I know he was about to chuck us out, but you came through like I knew you would."


"Look at this place, Harry. Like they would let me in wearing this and in the VIP section no less. That was all you, baby."

"I didn’t do anything, Nymphadora."

"You were there and knew we were about to be tossed. You flashed your scar and here we are. I know you hate to use it, but you have it so…"

"I might as well make you happy and show it off."

"Exactly, Harry. Who said you didn’t know how to treat a lady?"

"Hermione, forth year. Parvati, forth year as well. I think Cho last year come to think of it."

"Well, you learn fast, Harry. Thank you. I have always wanted to eat here and you made the happen."

"This place is expensive isn’t?" Harry asked knowing the answer.

"Yep, but it is worth it. It is my treat anyway so don’t worry."

"I can help if you want. I still have some money left over after buying out Madam Malkin’s."

"I got it, Harry. I am an auror you know." Tonks winked and picked up her menu.

Harry looked over the menu and decided he wanted a steak to eat. Without prices, he didn’t know what was the cheapest. Many of the selections had foreign names so he had no idea what they were. He closed his menu and watched Tonks nibbling on her tongue as she decided what to order. Harry had to look away since he started getting ideas in his head.

"Know what you want, Harry?" Tonks asked gaining his attention again.

Harry took control of the dirty thoughts raging in his mind. "I was thinking of the steak since I can understand what that is. How about you?"

"Same. Want some wine with our meal?" Tonks didn’t wait for his answer and opened the wine list and started listing off red wines. Harry watched the scene with an amused smile on his face. She was always ready to jump forward and enjoy her life. After a few minutes, Harry watched a waitress enter the room. She carried herself with poise and perfection on every step. She stood before their table and watch Tonks scanning the wine list.

"Do you wish to select a wine off the house list or do you want one from your collection here, Mr. Potter?"

"Excuse me?" Harry answered bluntly.

"Your family, I believe your grandfather, was a frequent guest here and he kept an assortment of his preferred wine in our cellars as best as I can recall. I can check with a house elf if you would like to confirm our current stock."

"Sure, that sounds fine," Harry answered but he was obviously confused.

The waitress disappeared through a rear door. Tonks looked at Harry and smiled happily. "You have your own wine here? How cool. I wonder what you have got to chose from."

"I have no idea, but considering my grandfather has been dead for at least sixteen years I guess they should be pretty old."

The idle banter continued until the waitress returned. She had a slip of paper in her hand and asked what they wanted to order. Harry ordered the steak, medium, as did Tonks.

"Very good, so that means you will want a red. I have a wide selection here so if I may make a suggestion, the 1956 Mouton Rothschild should do nicely. Does that meet with your expectations?"

Harry hesitated before agreeing with the choice. The waitress left the room quietly. Tonks watched Harry carefully. "You ordered a 1956 bottle of wine for our dinner. This is going to be an amazing dinner, Harry. Thank you."

"There is so much I don’t know about my family. When I get time, I want to read those files about them. No one has ever mentioned my grandparents before."

Harry and Tonks talked about her family and what she did as a child. Harry learned that she had always been different while growing up. She learned of her abilities when she was six and from that point on she had worked to develop and control them. Harry felt sympathy for her when she described how the other kids at Hogwarts had treated her during her first three years of school.

They had always asked her to change her appearance or become someone else for a joke. She could only name two people who had wanted to know the real Nymphadora Tonks. Harry couldn’t help but agree with her distain for everyone else. The wine and steak had arrived and after a glass and a half of the very old wine, Harry was feeling a little lightheaded. Tonks was altering her features every other minute trying to entertain him. When the bill arrived, Harry tried to pay it while Tonks was busy fixing her pointed ears.

"I said I would pay it, Harry. Put your money away this instant." Tonks grabbed the check and signed her name and vault number on the slip. "With you supplying the wine, the bill wasn’t too bad. Thanks for that."

"I had no clue about the wine. So what do we do with the rest of it?"

"Bring it with. We can’t let it go to waste. Maybe the Dursleys will be jealous when they see it. Considering how they are, I can almost guarantee they won’t know what to do when they see that bottle. It probably costs as much as that great arse makes in a week. Well, almost maybe. Let’s go."

Tonks and Harry stood up to leave the restaurant after Harry had deposited the wine in his trunk. Tonks was walking very close to Harry as they passed the entryway. The man bowed deeply as Harry neared him. Tonks laughed, but Harry came to a stop in front of him.

"I suggest you treat people, especially friends of mine, better than you did today." Harry held the man’s eyes for a few seconds before turning to leave. Harry placed his hand on Tonks’ lower back and urged her on. She complied instantly and led the way out of the establishment.

"You didn’t need to do that, Harry," Tonks said quietly but in an overly friendly way. "You always need to be the hero, don’t you?"

"Nymphadora, he judged you because of what you were wearing. That isn’t right and I should know considering what I wore until you made me buy new stuff. I am not interested in places that treat people like that. It is the same prejudice that Voldemort uses. Pureblood or you are worthless. Just because that guy isn’t murdering people doesn’t make his actions okay. You are my friend and I will do what I can to make you happy."

Tonks pulled Harry to a stop to the side of the alley amongst the shadows and moved into Harry. She gripped his head and kissed him firmly. Harry gave into the effort without a fight. As his head swirled a little from the wine, his mind went blank except for kissing the woman in front of him. They snogged for a few minutes until Tonks pulled away breathing heavily. "Make a portkey to your room. Apparating after drinking is not for novices."

Harry pulled out his wand and the metal ring he had used for training. He concentrated extra hard and tapped the ring. It reacted properly and Harry held it out for Tonks to grab onto. She grabbed the ring and kissed Harry firmly again. Harry felt the tug and once he pulled away for some air he saw that they were standing in his room.

Tonks opened her eyes and dropped the ring to the floor noisily and pushed Harry backwards on to the bed. She followed him down and pulled herself along his body up to his lips. She continued kissing him as she slowly pulled up on his shirt exposing his chest. She started kissing his newly revealed skin eliciting a pleasant sound from his throat. She thought she was in control for once until Harry’s hands found their way to her butt and subsequently tugged her own shirt over her head. She was lying on top of Harry wearing her bra and pants as his hands started roaming around her soft skin.

She made a few sounds of her own as Harry moved her mouth back to his. They snogged for a while and Tonks managed to even the odds a little by removing Harry’s shirt completely and getting his pants undone before there was a knock at the door. Harry growled as Tonks slid off of him and the bed. She gathered her clothes and quickly put on her shirt while Harry did the same and fastened his jeans.

Harry checked the room once before opening the door. He saw Dudley on the other side staring at him. "What do you want?" Harry asked slowly using everything he had to intimidate Dudley into leaving.

"I can hear you again," Dudley said quietly trying to steal a look into the room. "Mum and Dad will be up soon. You wouldn’t want them to hear you shagging your girlfriend would you?"

"If you could keep your eyes to yourself for a second, I can tell you I couldn’t care less whether they heard us doing anything. I have said it before and I will say it again; they have nothing to say about what I do. They never did, but I am taking control of my life now. I would hate to see Vernon bust in here and try something. He could get hurt, you know. Terrible shame that would be, wouldn’t it?"

Tonks took this moment to swing around the door and step into the view of Dudley. She had messed up hair and her shirt was very rumpled. She slid her left hand onto Harry’s shoulder and her right wound around his stomach caressing it softly. She put on her most sexy smile and spoke very enticingly.

"Harry, why don’t you close the door so we can get back to what we were doing. I am a little cold and I think you should help me warm up a bit. You are good at that, remember?" Tonks looked away from Harry and wiggled her eyebrows at Dudley for a second before looking at Harry again.

Dudley stood dumfounded in the doorway as Tonks continued to rub her hand around Harry’s body. Harry was beginning to respond to Tonks’ touches and his focus was beginning to shift away from Dudley.

"Dud, why don’t you go somewhere else. Somewhere that isn’t in front of my door. I am rather busy right now." Harry had trouble forming sentences but he managed the best could. Dudley said nothing, so Harry absentmindedly pushed the door closed. Once it clicked closed, Tonks threw up a Silencing Charm and broke into laughter.

Harry took a moment to realize what had happened before he too started to laugh. "It may have been fun to get him like that, but I feel the price was a little too high for me." Harry looked like a wounded puppy and Tonks laughter broke instantly.

She watched him for a second then grabbed him and kissed him firmly on the lips again. Her hands worked his hair into sticking up even worse than normal. She moved him back to the bed and straddled him as he lay down. She started moving her lower torso around his getting the reaction she wanted.

"For once I know what I am doing," Tonks said between kisses.

"I am still clueless, but what are you going to do?" Harry asked.

"I am going to play for a while and then I am going to stop and drive you absolutely crazy." Tonks smiled widely as she continued her ministrations.

Harry let her continue for a few minutes before he stared into her dark eyes. "Nymphadora, I don’t want to be driven crazy." Harry waited until she looked at him before willing his mind into hers. She responded with a moan and her eyes flittered shut.

"Damn you, Harry," Tonks said so quietly Harry had to strain to hear it.

"Maybe, Nymph, maybe." Harry pulled her lips to his and kissed her until his lack of air forced him to break it. She panted along with him and shivered slightly. She opened her eyes and all Harry saw was hunger and desire in them. He started pulling her shirt off again, but she yanked it over her head and tossed it over her shoulder. She pulled on his shirt a bit roughly so he helped her remove it.

Harry made eye contact again and willed the connection to happen. He watched anxiously as Tonks tried to inhale his mouth with hers. She was kissing and probing his mouth with her tongue. She kept rubbing Harry with her body stimulating him with every movement. As they continued, Harry felt a tremor in Tonks body so he opened his eyes finding the real Tonks sitting on him. All alterations gone, Tonks kept running her hands over his body and head.

With a moan, she lowered herself to lie next to Harry. She kept her eyes closed but her mouth was open trying to breathe. "Harry, I have to stop before this goes too far. You have no idea how close I am to vanishing our clothes and fucking your brains out. I can’t open my eyes or I will do just that. I am sorry, but you get me going too much and way too fast. Oh, what a talent."

"So, um, what now then?"

"Harry, I am supposed to be looking out for you. I feel like I am betraying some oath or something here. I know what is expected of me but I know what I want to do. Those things are at odds here. I can’t do both."

"Everyone has expectations of me. Most of them involve me saving them from Voldemort. For the first time in my life, I am doing what I want to do. I am making decisions and dealing with the consequences. Right now, I couldn’t care less about what others want from me."

Harry put his right hand under Tonks’ chin and moved it up so he could kiss her. She didn’t resist and gave in to his efforts quickly. They proceeded to kiss at Harry’s pace until a hoot from Hedwig ruined the moment. Harry looked at the owl and saw that she had a letter for him. With a sigh, Harry extracted himself from Tonks warm partially clothed body and took the letter from Hedwig.

The letter was from Remus and Harry sat back on the bed. He slowly opened the letter and read what was written. Without turning around, Harry spoke to Tonks who was moving around behind him.

"Remus is wondering if he has to pick me up tomorrow so we can go to the will reading. Should I take him up on the offer? I just have to write him back and say yes."

"Nah, I can take you, Harry. When is it?"

"Ten o’clock is the reading. So, we should get there a little early. Remus says that Dumbledore will be there too since he got a letter from Gringotts. That is not what I want right now. I haven’t worked on my Occlumency much. Just when it comes to…"

"Yes, Harry? You faded out there at the end. When it comes to what?"

Harry turned and saw Tonks standing on the other side of the bed wearing only her bra and panties. She gave him an impish smile and bounced on her feet a few times. Harry swallowed and took a breath.

"Exactly," Harry said unable to force his eyes away from Tonks mostly naked body which was bathed in the moon light from outside. Harry managed to make eye contact with Tonks and waited for her to say something in response. She continued to smile and put her pink shirt back on. Harry watched as she put her arms in the shirt and moved about inside of it.

When her arms emerged, Tonks had a hold of her bra strap and tossed it at Harry hitting him in the chest. Harry saw her nipples pushing on the fabric from underneath and she smiled even wider. "Just so you know, that always happens when I take off my bra."

"Are you trying to test my Occlumency skills here or just teasing again?"

"Which would you prefer, Harry?"

"I am not going to tell you which I would prefer, Nymphadora. I could get into trouble doing that."

"I doubt you would get into trouble, Harry. You might find that you get what you want and more."

Harry forced his eyes to her face and found humor, lust, and eagerness there. "Promises, promises," Harry said softly.

Tonks pulled up the sheet and slid into the bed leaving her leg hanging out from under the sheet. "Are you going to join me, Harry?"

Taking a deep breath, Harry removed his pants and joined her under the sheets. Harry moved close to her and lay down. Tonks moved close to him smiling. "We can work on your Occlumency tomorrow before we leave. Right now, we should get some rest." Tonks kissed him quickly on the nose and rolled over.

Harry couldn’t think for a second before he grabbed her sides and tickled her. "You are the biggest flirt and tease I know, Nymph. I am going to tickle you until you apologize."

Tonks was laughing and writhing around on the bed violently. She kept fighting off Harry’s hands but the effort wasn’t much. Harry continued until he saw Tonks fighting to breathe. Once he stopped, Tonks started taking deep breaths between residual giggles.

When she had regained some composure, she turned over and enveloped Harry into a hug and gave him a deep searching kiss. "That is the playfulness I want to see more of from you, Harry. Just so you know, I am always in the mood to wrestle around and play touchy-feely." Tonks became serious and lowered her voice. "You are fun to be with and you always seem to know what to do at the right moment. Keep it up and you never know what you will get. Oh, and I apologize for my behavior earlier."

"Don’t worry about it, Nymphadora." Harry leaned forward and kissed Tonks like he meant to. They continued until sleep took them.

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