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Chiyo posted a comment on Monday 20th July 2009 10:03am

Probably the 10th time I've reread this fic.

It really does destroy all other Harry/Tonks stories. I've tried countless others and the only other one thats even close is Scion of Gryffindor on this very site by Crys.

lorddwar replied:

And that is great praise. Thank you.

Aurilia posted a comment on Monday 20th July 2009 3:20am

Hmm... I'm not normally a Honks fan, but this promises to be intriguing. I never really got into the whole horcrux-thing, either, so finding good post-OotP AUs has become my main goal in this fandom. I hope this one lives up to the promise set forth in this first chapter. (And I'm beyond happy that it's an epic length; most stories tend to end just when I really get into them!)

James21 posted a comment on Friday 17th July 2009 12:34am


Aberbadger posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd June 2009 9:48pm

wouldn't a better title for the chapter be Knockturn Alley Missions?!

starfire2_2 posted a comment on Tuesday 26th May 2009 5:32am

I wish you would write the next book 4 this story. It was one of my favrite storys and would like to see you finish the searise.

normalguycap posted a comment on Monday 18th May 2009 2:14am

I think that this fic spoils all other Harry/Tonks pairings. It is simply perfect.

celestlyn posted a comment on Wednesday 6th May 2009 7:15pm

First of all, I love this fic! I know that it's a couple of years old now and I'm just now getting to it, so it's new to me. It was awesome! It's always fun to read a Super!Harry.

I think it's terrible that there are only two reviews. Have you posted it on It really should be read by lot of people. I have already rec'd it a couple of times and will continue to do so. Might have to add it to my top ten list. I really did enjoy the heck out of it.

I liked the Harry/Tonks pairing. It isn't one that's done often and it really made for some great, lighthearted fun. The age difference didn't bother me, but I have to admit that the age of Harry was a bit young, but I guess that's pretty normal anymore, too. So all in all, great job. Have you written more stuff? I'd love to read more.

noylj posted a comment on Tuesday 5th May 2009 4:20am

Is there a follow-up story?

Celexs posted a comment on Monday 13th April 2009 2:23pm

Great story, Probably the best Harry/Tonks story i have read. I would love to see what happens next. Anyways great read.


Lerris Smith posted a comment on Saturday 11th April 2009 9:17am

Excellent work.

As a comparison, I found this story based from reading the reviews of a story with a similar plot on fanfiction dot net. When I finished reading that my largest thought was that it had too many really convienent things happen. Now if one compared purely analytically, this story has more than a few really convienent things, but in this case they do not distract to nearly the same extent. In fact I read this story from beginning to end nearly nonstop, despite needing to get other work done.

I've read perhaps a half dozen or so full length harry potter fanfiction stories lately, and of them the only one better I would have to say would be JBern's, "The Lie I've Lived". In particular I think the compelling relationship presented between Harry and Fleur was the key to that story.

If I was going to make one recommendation, I would recommend focusing on the development of characters like Tonks more. What was presented here was good, yet when I was reading I was mostly thinking I was glad Harry found someone, rather than I was glad they found each other. One way you might have been able to do that would have been to tell part of the story from Tonks point of view, including a bit about her life and her dreas. This would probably need to be begun before Harry was introduced, so the reader grows to care about Tonks first, since likely most people already have some emotional investment in the character of Harry Potter.

Still, this is nonetheless an impressive piece of work. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

Hawklan posted a comment on Wednesday 18th March 2009 7:23am

just finished this awesome fic. A shame there wasn't a sequel to it. They story was jsut awesome.

Richard6154 posted a comment on Saturday 14th March 2009 9:32am

Truely excelent story

Thanks for sharing

Hawklan posted a comment on Saturday 7th March 2009 8:14pm

awesome story. tx for it

kyoshi711 posted a comment on Sunday 1st March 2009 2:16am

This is a really great story. Will he have more than one girlfriend? It would add some excitement to the story. regards

kauri posted a comment on Monday 12th January 2009 9:35am

i love this story, i do wish you'd write another one in the same verse PLEASE! :)

Katalara posted a comment on Monday 29th December 2008 8:25am

Loved this story! I really wish you had a sequel planned, but I can understand just letting it go. Thank you for sharing your hard work with us all!


LoneWolfe posted a comment on Friday 12th December 2008 3:32pm

Congratulations on writing a great story! I admit, this is the first Honks I've read, but I've never been a die-hard shipper. To me, plot is more important than ships, and you deliver in spades. I really enjoyed Harry as an Unspeakable, and what you did with the DoM in general. I like your OCs, especially Horace, and I was very impressed with the way you wrote Amelia.

The relationship between Harry and Tonks seemed to move a little quickly at times, but it fit their characters perfectly. I also think you struck a wonderful balance between Harry's maturity and the fact that he *is* still a teenager and can occasionally show it. And I love how Tonks brings out his playfulness.

Well done!!

KSK posted a comment on Tuesday 9th December 2008 8:17am

When is the next story coming out? Need to know what happens with Harry and Tonks. Need to know what happens with the Portkey and Dumbledoew. Need to know when Voldie gets his backside "Wacked"!

Ceres posted a comment on Saturday 6th December 2008 5:46am

um i know that you must get tons of these comments but pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee continue this this is one of my fave harry tonks stories, even better than scion of griffindor even tho thats good too

but this one has captured my attention to the fullest but please continue

Mindy posted a comment on Thursday 13th November 2008 8:42am

Any idea when the next chapter will be up? Or isn't there anymore?