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Carol Layland posted a comment on Monday 28th May 2007 2:29am

There really should be a sequel to this. You have left it as a cliff hanger and that is not fair.

biged78 posted a comment on Friday 25th May 2007 2:43am

Just wanted to say that I enjoyed this story (for the second time) and was wondering if and when you were planning on a sequel.

Cynthia1850 posted a comment on Tuesday 8th May 2007 12:17pm

Fantastic story. You are a wonderful writer. Everything flowed, very exciting, very sexy. I hope someday you will find the time to write some more.

Cynthia1850 posted a comment on Monday 7th May 2007 3:52pm

Damn but you are a talented writer. Excuse me for a second while I pull myself together after this last chapter...[sssnniiiifffffff]...okay, now I can go back to reading.

My second thought, if you don't get them together quickly, I'll hex you until you do. I'm just that frustrated myself, damn it!

Mrs Alfred posted a comment on Saturday 5th May 2007 4:13am

Lovely to see you here!

I'd love to read more of your work, in the HP fandom or outside of it. Just well, anything. :-) You are very talented and I'd love to see where your creative imagination takes you.

Take care, and thank you for posting. *hugs*

Wergan posted a comment on Sunday 22nd April 2007 12:42pm


Stygius posted a comment on Friday 20th April 2007 6:25pm

this is one of the first honks fics i read, and since then its has become my fav ship. i had hoped you would have continued the story, but alas, it is not to be.

i would like to make a request though. Is it possible for u to send me a copy of the complete story, i.e. all the chapters as an adobe copy or another software. I am requesting this from all my fav authors, so far the responses have been positive.

Also, if you are not able to continue this story, can i temp you into prehaps writting another story. a fresh one. which may have aspects of this story, but also a new fresh concept. i know we all have many ideas, but not all have the talent to express them on papers as you do... i would hope you consider this too...

congrats with ur employment, and i hope to hear from you. cheers and well done (again)


stygius . destiny @ gmail . com

lorddwar replied:

I am editing this story and once everything is done, I will post the story in a Word .doc on my Yahoo page.

Thank you for the review.

Lord Dwar

unclebravo posted a comment on Wednesday 18th April 2007 4:30am

I have never left a review for any of the stories that I have read but after reading this one I felt the need to review.
All I can say is bravo!!! If this was in print, I would buy a copy.
Some authors go too far with "superhero" harry or "super powerfull" harry but you were able to bring out the best without going overboard.
Hopefully you will continue with this story as it is excellent and could go much further.
I have always been a fan of Harry/Ginny but after reading this story like the Harry/Tonks story line much better.
Thank you for a wonderful story.

Cale posted a comment on Monday 9th April 2007 4:55am

This won't end here, will it? It will continue right? Or a sequel? Even if this story was titled "The Summer of Change" and with the summer up...

Come on, you owe it to the people. After all, you made them mad and crazy about this tale of awe inspiring events.

So you rule, end of discussion. Love it.

kb0 posted a comment on Saturday 7th April 2007 1:47pm

Thanks for sharing this story. I have nothing insightful to add that others already haven't, after reading a few other reviews, but I would like to add encouragement for you to write a sequel. You have some very interesting open questions that I'd love to see how to answer them. It was a riveting story, and the first Harry/Tonks that I've read. You've mean reasonably realistic, which is part of what made it so enjoyable.

Darke Gray posted a comment on Thursday 5th April 2007 3:09am

I loved this story, I don't know if you are planning a sequel or not but I hope you do. This has got to be one of the best, if not the best, Harry/Tonks stories out there. I really hope you continue it, I especially want to see how Harry gets Dumbles to grant him the Portkey. Also how Harry deals with Snape as a teacher and Malfoy. With Harry's new attitude, Malfoy wouldn't last 10 minutes against Harry without having at least one bone broken. Anyways, great story.


chlorinehamster posted a comment on Tuesday 27th March 2007 6:17am

Where can I find your yahoogroup?

alan g posted a comment on Thursday 22nd March 2007 3:48am

Ohh finished,This story just grabbed me and kept me interested all the way through

jesterod posted a comment on Thursday 15th March 2007 1:12pm

awesome story are you gonna do a sequel?

Mattias posted a comment on Tuesday 6th March 2007 7:47pm

One other great chapter with a wonderful description of battle. What will happen to the 4 wands? It seems that they stay the whole story in Harry's pocket.

Aberbadger posted a comment on Tuesday 6th March 2007 8:45am

PS!(LOL) As you can probably guess, I made the post before I finished the chapter, hence the comment about the Nickname itself being obviouse...

lorddwar replied:

Chamel, as in Chameleon.

Aberbadger posted a comment on Tuesday 6th March 2007 8:36am

I originally read your story over at, and enjoyed it immensely (are you going to add For Her (last chapter, can't remember the whole thing's name) to FFA too?), and even understood most of it, but one point constantly escaped me, and I don't remember you mentioning it in the Author Notes...
It's obvious (especially as it's explained later) why Tonks Unspeakable name is Chamel, but how is it pronounced? Should we be calling her Humphrey (as in a Camel with phree humps(!) or Camile (as in the Lady of...)?
Also, just one britpicker point that I've noticed so far... in britain "pants" means underwear (usually male, and usually refering to what you would call "tighty whities", but sometimes female too). What you call pants we call trousers...

yeehaw posted a comment on Wednesday 28th February 2007 8:21pm

This is my ansolute favorite fanfic of all times. I discovered it on a friday and I slept 3 hours tops over the weekend because I was too busy reading :-)

You are an amazing author and the storyline is awesome. I do hope that you will write more, and highest on my wishlist is of course a sequel to this story.

The highest of praise to you :-D

o.T posted a comment on Sunday 25th February 2007 1:37pm

When I read this on another site I immediately thought that you hadn't updated. The ending is can go both ways. It is an easy ending to keep going and to make a sequel for. Maybe when you get holidays or whatever you should write.. I dunno, Winter of Discovery or sommat?

Anyway I liked this one one of the few Harry/Tonks out there that isn't SHIT.

IceBlades posted a comment on Friday 23rd February 2007 1:34pm

Aah, great story so far. Are you planning to continue in the same title or switch to another one?